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Mark Hamade is a Partner at an 18 year old Private Equity firm Vivaris Capital.

Mark Hamade is a Conscious Capitalist, meaning he passionately respects the 3Ps and 1W. People, Planet, Profitable enterprise, and Women Entrepreneurs. He believes that organizations have a responsibility to uphold all three Ps & one W equally.

A team player recognized as an exceptional communicator and a visionary leader that applies a lens to visualize the whole picture. He knows when and how to apply strategy, operations, financial savvy, vision, pattern recognition, critical thinking, and leadership in every facet of business delivering uncommon results in industries ranging from technology, energy, aerospace, steel, manufacturing, construction, banking, AI, Blockchain, healthcare, real estate, restaurant, retail, software to name a few.

His expertise ranges from working with CEOs from small, mid, large, and start-up to turnaround organizations. He has established created/turned around organizations in Mexico, Middle East, Europe, and Asia to name a few. He maintains business connections in over 50 countries, including those with the wealthiest economies. Adept at pitching and closing he has raised/assisted/managed in excess of $1 Billion with IRRs ranging from 30-60%.

Mark’s positive, energetic speaking style makes him a sought out national speaker, influencer, radio guest and host. Mark hosted a weekly radio show called “On the Mark with Mark Hamade.” He is a frequent blogger and is cited in journals, magazines, and newspapers.

A USMC veteran who survived 7 surgeries, cancer and shedding 220lbs has allowed Mark to offer organizations a way to help scale and mentor employees, partners, customers from a different lens.

Mark earned his B.S. in Criminal Justice at Washburn University.


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Skype: eman.pulis

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