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I am on a mission to drive human Collaboration.

CEO at PeopleBrowsr - An integrated Social Collaboration, Engagement, Crypto, and Blockchain mBaaS (No ICO). The PeopleBrowsr mBaaS unlocks Your Community on Your own Domain. It stores your data in the cloud and in the blockchain.

A short history of me:
1960 - 62 New Yorker. Fled during Cuban Missile Crisis
1962 - Formative years start in AU
1968 - Lived in a small seaside village in the jungles of New Guinea for 3 months - built canoes, drank coconuts and played on the beach with other 8 year old cannibals
1972 - Wrote punch cards Naughts and Crosses program for Canola 1614p
1974 - On Stage debut. Appeared as the Money Lenders Girlfriend in the Latin Play
1973-77 Fish Tank Mogul. Rented and Cleaned fish tanks after school
1979 - Futures Trader. Used fish tank money to trade futures, made $100k then lost it all.
1980 - 89. Whiz kid Entrepreneur. Youngest millionaire on AU Rich list.
1987 - Married best woman in the world
1990 - 95 Bum - played with planes, nanotech, roller blades, cooking
1995 - 2001 - Telco Baron Billionaire
2001 - 2009 Telco Villain
2006 - Digital Anthropologist Era begins
2009 - David and Goliath Hero, wins against the 1%
2010 - PeopleBrowsr Releases game changing Interest Graph application
2011 - Releases for little Brothers and chants "we are the 99%" in Times Square
2012 - After dreaming for years about how to see both the forest and the trees in the vast amounts of social data - we released Kred Story.
*Funded by Darpa to build a next generation Social network.
2013 - Settled David and Goliath v2 data access battle with friends at Twitter
Late 2013 - Finally completed Weapons of Mass Collaboration jigsaw puzzle. OMG
2014 - with dotCEO and dotBest Top Level Domains and Social OS turn a piece of the internet into a dynamic interest based Social Network.
2015 - Released TLDPlatform.Best...Communitizing the Internet TLD by TLD
2017 - PeopleBrowsr OPEN mBaaS integrates with the Blockchain
2050 - Starship Commander


+356 7777 3092/93
Skype: eman.pulis

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