brandon smietana speaker

- founded social media company, grew to 40 million monthly users, sold company
- head of technology at fashion/health company
- leading NLP/quant/behavioral Finance hedge fund
- Created Voxel MMO
- Contributor on Bitcoin (third party secp256k1 implementation audit, fuzzing, cryptographic review; discovered signature mutability and duplicate coinbase output problem Bitcoin)
- founder/advisor/investor on two dozen other blockchain projects totally over 40 billion in market cap). Do not contact me about ICOs
- invented high security hardware crypto-asset wallet for financial institution.
- Worked at leading NLP, quant, behavioral Finance hedge fund
- Developed new programming language and blockchain application platform.
- Cybernetics, mass social control research.
- Partner in crypto-currency arbitrage fund
- etc...

- Quantitative Finance
- Big Data / Data Analytics
- Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing
- Cryptocurrencies

Linear Algebra, Numerical Linear Algebra, Statistics, Probability Theory, Machine Learning, Category Theory, Differential Geometry
Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)
RSA, DSA, Diffie–Hellman key exchange


+356 7777 3092/93
Skype: eman.pulis

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