Aug 19 / 2019
katy micallef
Posted by: Katy Micallef

[WATCH] Malta led the charge for regulation – Dennis O’Neill

An exclusive interview with Dennis O’Neill, CIO at DigiMax.Global

“We’re starting to see a significant engagement by institutional investors into the crypto markets.

“There’s a couple of things that are very interesting, such as the evolution and the maturing of the market from ICO’s to STO’s. The problem that we had with ICO’s was that they’re pretty much unregulated. There was no accountability, no transparency, there was very little due diligence, and a lot of the companies had inexperienced managers.

“Now we have evolved into an STO model where it looks more like traditional investment banking, private equity, venture capital or an IPO, to where you have a security that’s fully regulated, you have transparency, you have accounting, you have shareholder rights. All the things that institutional investors are looking for when they’re looking at an investment.

“About 90% of all the trading activity happening in crypto right now is happening by institutional investors.

“The rub in the deal is liquidity. Institutional investors and most investors like to see liquidity and to see liquidity we need more STO exchanges, more registered deals on STOs and we need more trading volume on those deals.”

Watch the interview in full below:

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