Aug 23 / 2019
katy micallef
Posted by: Katy Micallef

[WATCH] Businesses are waking up – Gregory Klumov

An exclusive interview with Gregory Klumov – CEO at Stasis

“We are the first ex-dollar stablecoin to be launched in Malta. Stasis is a pioneering solution for every merchant or business who can accept payments, not just in cash or credit cards, but also in crypto.

Our stablecoin is called Stasis EURS and it is the biggest and most transparent ex-dollar stablecoin. We are working with payment institutions, brokerage companies, and MasterCard and Visa issuers to establish a network of settlement between Fiat and crypto. Having multiple companies doing the settlement decentralises the risk.
Our users are crypto traders who want to reduce the volatility of their portfolio, institutional investors who arbitrate between crypto exchangers, and the last but most emerging group of users are businesses who want to accept payments and save on acquiring fees. 

You can already pay with the stablecoin in restaurants of Malta and at the Hilton hotel. There are even ATMs where you can put cash in and get euro in return and vice versa. This indicates that it is a growing system and many businesses become aware that this is a better and more efficient way of transactions. 

It is very easy to explain to anybody how crypto works, which is in contrast with bitcoin. Stablecoin is always easily exchanged back to euro or sold on the market for euro in return, which will give comfort to users. 

In the future, I think there will be more products like ETFs, the basket of crypto currency. We already have an index called XAI which is literally a basket of top-out coins. Another thing would be conventional financial derivatives, like euro stocks index.”

Watch the full interview below: 

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