Oct 4 / 2019
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Posted by: Jools Moore

The Future Is Now documentary maker returns for MaltaWeek in November

The documentary will look at the opportunities for the blockchain and medical cannabis sectors to collaborate

The Future is Now film is back for a new production during November’s MaltaWeek, including Medical Cannabiz World Summit and Malta AIBC Summit! This time the talented production team led by director Miguel Francis-Santiago will be creating a powerful film to showcase the blend of blockchain and medical cannabis industries at the two events, both taking place the first week of November in Malta.

In May 2019, Miguel Francis-Santiago joined Eman Pulis, founder and CEO of SiGMA Group to take us into the ever changing world of blockchain, AI and IoT. Miguel’s resulting documentary was well received the world over, as he highlighted Malta’s introduction of the 4th bill (for AI regulation), serving to reassure the community of new prospects for growth, regulation and market making for disruptive tech within the small EU country with big ambitions.

Eman Pulis at Malta AIBC Summit in May

Now Miguel is returning to Malta for the November AIBC Summit and Medical Cannabiz World Summit, to film the next documentary in the series and find out where the blockchain, AI, and crypto sectors are heading in 2020, as well as the opportunities for blockchain in the emerging medical cannabis sector.

Miguel commented, “Our goal is to use cinema, emotions and feelings to build trust and attract audiences from all walks of fintech into our disruptive space. We are currently looking for co-producers/sponsors to help with the production and marketing of the film and take part in this work of art, documenting the ‘cyberlution’ as it happens, building community and inspiring interest”.

Brock Pierce

This will be the third time AIBC Summit has been the focus of this director’s eye.  You can enjoy the previous ‘The Future is Now’ films at the bottom of this article.

For companies interested to take part in the film, it’s a great visual marketing opportunity to scale your image, your messaging and your brand. With some fantastic sponsorship opportunities to secure some exclusive brand visibility in the documentary, any potential sponsors should contact Sintija Rimsa at SiGMA Group for more information – sintija@maltablockchainsummit.com.

Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta

Being filmed over Malta Week from 4th and 8th November, a 30 minute documentary will be produced, featuring world class interviews and a detailed overview of the current trends in Blockchain and how emerging tech can benefit the medical cannabis industry.

Watch “The Future is Now” documentary which was filmed at the last edition of the Malta AIBC Summit in May 2019:

About AIBC:

Malta AI & Blockchain Summit is a bi-annual expo covering topics relating to the global sectors for blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT, and Quantum technologies. The event includes conferences hosted by globally renowned speakers, workshops for industry learning and discussion, an exhibition space accommodating more than 400 brands and a number of networking events.

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