May 27 / 2019
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katy micallef
Posted by: Katy Micallef

Second edition of AIBC Summit draws VIP contributors

Summit lures 5,500 to successful two-day event

ai blockchain Second edition of AIBC Summit draws VIP contributors
Hon. Prime Minister of Malta.

It’s been an incredible two days here at the second edition of the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit, and as the crypto winter begins to thaw, we couldn’t have picked a better time to launch our spring event. We also watched some incredible moments on stage, from heated bidding from Brock Pierce at at the A.I. and Blockchain Awards auction, to some intriguing conference debate as Roger Ver took on Tone Vays in a BTC vs BTC Cash showdown.

In fact the conference floor was rarely empty as an elite line-up of speakers kept the audience engaged with a series of panels, keynotes and fireside chats. Keynotes from industry giants Noel Sharkey and Bobby Lee were a hit with the audience, with Bobby Lee emphatic on Bitcoin’s staying power, saying he believed it would eventually go up to a million dollars. The Hon. Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat also lent an air of prestige to proceedings, when he reinforced the government’s support for the industry as he gave a well-received keynote.

Here’s some of the best moments from the conferences:

Bobby Lee, CEO BTCC

“I truly believe Bitcoin is here to stay, so hold on to your Bitcoin because you’re going to be very tempted to sell when it goes up to a million dollars.”

Roger Ver – Angel Investor

ai blockchain Second edition of AIBC Summit draws VIP contributors
Angelo Dalli, Jorge Sebastiao, and Ben Goertzel on a panel moderated by Francina Moisa.

“Overall income per capita is significantly higher in countries with economic freedom – literary rates soar, life expectancy is higher, fewer people unemployed and fewer babies die in childbirth. Bitcoin cash and digital currency are the best tools the world has ever seen to accomplish these goals.”

Larry Sanger – Co-founder, Wikipedia

“One of the main reasons blockchain has been exploding in popularity is it gives us the opportunity to take back control over data and our relationships. We should own our own data.”

Ben Goertzel – CEO, SingularityNet

“In the next 20 to 40 years it’s pretty clear that all human jobs will go away and product goods and services will be done by Al and robots. On the path there things may become complicated, but this is partly where blockchain and smart contracts can help, to create new systems for economic exchange and value for labour exchange amongst people.”

ai blockchain Second edition of AIBC Summit draws VIP contributors
Brock Pierce.

A packed expo floor was a highlight for many of the 5000+ delegates who attended the summit, providing invaluable networking opportunities for great deals to be made and relationships developed.

The summit closed with a number of treats for its guests, including its traditional closing night celebrations, held at Casino Malta InterContinental, an evening Crypto Cruise around the stunning Maltese coastline, VIP dinners, and a relaxed Saturday pool party held at Skybeach InterContinental.

We’ll be back in November with the third edition of the AIBC Summit, SiGMA 2019 and Medical Cannabiz World. So keep your calendars free, you won’t want to miss out on this week-long trifecta of events, bringing you back-to-back access to three of the biggest industries of the moment and numerous investment possibilities.

If you’re interested in speaking at our November event during Malta Week, or in exploring advertising opportunities, please contact Christopher Attard. Pre-Registration will be open from 1st of June.

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