Aug 30 / 2018
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Scholarships in blockchain and DLT offered by UoM and MITA

The University of Malta and the Malta Information Technology Agency have formalised an agreement to grant scholarships to students furthering their studies in blockchain technology. The scholarships will be granted to students wanting to enrol for a Masters and Doctorate in blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, and are valued at €300,000.

Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, the Digital Eonomy and Innovation, Silvio Schembri, explained that strengthening the human resources element through academia was the next step following the recent establishment of a regulatory framework for blockchain and DLT.

malta blockchain summit Scholarships in blockchain and DLT offered by UoM and MITA
Founder of Woolfe University Joshua Broggi.

The scholarships will be available to students hailing from various areas, including finance, IT and the law. The move will be an opportunity for the University to retain its relevance, said the University Rector, Alfred Vella. He also added that the University would issue further funding for more students specialising in block tech.

Education and Labour Minister, Evarist Bartolo, also added his two cents, saying that it was vital for education to adapt to current developments, with Malta among the pioneers worldwide where blockchain is already in use in education.

Opportunities for students interested in blockchain education will also be widened if plans to open the first blockchain university in Malta come to fruition.

Oxford researcher and founder of Woolfe University Joshua Broggi, intends to make Malta the base for a first-of-its-kind blockchain university. The Woolf University will cut costs by running entirely on blockchain technology, automating the process and ensuring a more secure degree system.

“Malta provides an educational framework based in the British tradition – and after Brexit, Malta will remain both an EU member state and a Commonwealth member. We have had productive meetings with [Education Minister] Evarist Bartolo and the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE),” said Broggi.

The university has lured several qualified professors, many from the University of Oxford. Others will join from prestigious schools such as Cambridge University, King’s College London, Leipzig University and Kyoto University. Woolf issued salaries will be tokenised.

“We use a blockchain to create efficiencies by managing custodianship of student tuition, enforcing regulatory compliance for accreditation, and automation of a number of processes,” Broggi told Forbes. “Our blockchain-enforced accreditation processes are such that teachers and students from outside the EU can join our platform and earn a full EU degree – a non-EU student with a non-EU teacher in a non-EU language.”

Broggi is currently waiting for the accreditation needed to initiate the project.

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