Jul 9 / 2019
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Posted by: Jools Moore

OneLedger & Shyft Network join forces

OneLedger & Shyft Network have joined forces & there’s huge expectations for this budding partnership

On one ‘hash’ you have OneLedger, the blockchain of all blockchains bringing true interoperability to the table linking with Shyft Network, the decentralised network of networks which enables anyone to develop applications and infrastructure for global citizenship.

Aly Kassam, Product Manager of OneLedger said, “Integrating with a Blockchain like Shyft Networks will help OneLedger with Identity management use cases. By leveraging OneLedger’s interoperability offering to access Shyft Networks’ attestations we will be able to provide businesses with identity verification within their private Blockchain systems. These use cases are prominent for the Health Care and Financial Services industries.”

It’s a perfect match! Suzanne Ennis, the Senior Vice President at Shyft Network said, “At Shyft we strongly believe you are only as strong as the strength as of your networks, for the crypto ecosystem and wider blockchain to truly proliferate and be the way of the future, there needs to be cooperation amongst all of us. We are incredibly proud to be working another world class team like OneLedger for the betterment of our ecosystem.”

“OneLedger’s growth continues to wow many and I believe that this new partnership with Shyft will be mutually beneficial to each company. The team at OneLedger is definitely excited to embark on this new journey & I’d officially like to welcome the Shyft team on board.” Said OneLedger’s President, Mr. Kerry Husbands.

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