Nov 2 / 2018
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MBS Hackathon winners

Blockchain Charity Lottery takes first place at the Malta Blockchain Summit Hackathon. The launch of the Malta Blockchain Summit ended with the big reveal of the Hackathon winners. Throughout the last few days at the Summit, a room full of developers got creative and innovative.

The winners were selected by an esteemed panel of Hackathon judges, including Scott Stornetta, Charles Hokinson, Ilya Smagin, Cataldo Franzone, and Lucas Park. In second place came TPass, with Tensegrity coming in at third place.

Malta Blockchain Summit MBS Hackathon winners
Eman Pulis with Hackathon winners.

CEO of Malta Blockchain Summit, Eman Pulis, presented the winning teams with the illustrious $50,000 prize at the main stage of the Summit. First place won $25,000, second prize won $15,000 and third prize won $10,000.

A number of teams of developers gathered at the Summit over the last few days to produce a dApp, or other smart contract implementation on the chosen platform using both decentralised and distributed solutions.

The announcement of the winners ended the action-packed Expo with a bang.

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