Nov 2 / 2018
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MBS Awards winners link up with John McAfee

Malta Blockchain Summit MBS Awards winner link up with John McAfee
MBS Awards night.

The networking opportunities at the Malta Blockchain Summit are second-to-none. This proved true for start-up company, Greenspider who have secured John McAfee as an advisor.

The Awards night recognised some of the greatest minds in the industry, both old and new. The start-up, Greenspider, took home the IoT of the year award. Valerio Gallitto, of Greenspider commented on the partnership, “this is huge for us and we are very excited”.

Nalta Blockchain Summit MBS Awards winner link up with John McAfee
Greenspider and McAfee team up today.

Gallitto said the firm are also working with the European Union and have received many other attractive offers.

Greenspider is a small European company, developing Internet of Things technology for mobility and logistics applications. Greenspider has offices in Munich (DE) and Rome (IT). Thanks to its Satellite Tracking technology embedded in ultra-low-power circuits, Greenspider contributes to the diffusion of efficient sustainable mobility schemes and usage of resources.


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