Mar 1 / 2019
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Malta Enterprise offers startups up to €200,000 in funding

The Malta AI & Blockchain Summit caught up with Anthony David Gatt of the Malta Enterprise in order to gauge a better picture of the significant Maltese incentives directed towards startups.

“We’re being forward looking, and this comes out of the three pieces of legislation that have been rolled out in this realm of blockchain, both in cryptocurrencies and the DLT space. This is one of the biggest advantages that Malta is offering, especially for startups.”

“There are also incentives we administer as Malta Enterprise, in particular are a number of mechanisms such as a loan which is discussed with startup companies going up to €200,000.”

“While we’re an island, we’re very much linked to different parts of the world, be it in flight, shipping and the maritime front. So it’s the coming together of a lot of moving parts. Our appeal is for investors to come down to Malta, take a look and judge for themselves whether this is the kind of jurisdiction they want to be in”.

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