Oct 30 / 2018
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Malta Blockchain Summit gives free book to all conference participants

The organisers of the Malta Blockchain Summit, held at the InterContinental Hotel Malta, on November 1 and 2, 2018, will be giving a free copy of Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners to all participants. During these two days only, conference participants will have access to this fun yet educational read about the worlds of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

malta blockchain summit Malta Blockchain Summit gives free book to all conference participants
Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners.

Written by Savii Digital, the Crypto and Blockchain Marketing and Media Agency, Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners is 76-pages of easy-to-read content regarding the basics of crypto and blockchain and has numerous infographics and step-by-step explanations about the workings of blockchain and cryptocurrency, sprinkled with cases studies and interesting facts.

The number of people becoming interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies has been growing daily, the demand for a well-designed book giving simple explanations was needed in the marketplace.

Forbes award-winning journalist and ex-Financial Times columnist, Roger Aitken, endorsed the book, asserting, “Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners is the best book I have seen to explain the basics about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Although many books have been written about these topics, most are still too difficult to understand for the average person, until now.”

Aviva Ounap, CEO of Savii Digital, says, “We have developed a full series of books on cryptocurrency and blockchain coming out for all ages, and they have all been tested and approved by our focus groups. We are focusing on preparing the world for mass adaptation through explaining all of the aspects of blockchain and its uses.”

“This conference will have many people who are new to the topics we are covering, “ Eman Pulis, CEO of the Malta Blockchain Summit explains, “and we want everyone to be able to understand and happily engage in conversations with their newly gained knowledge. Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners is also for the people who are educated in these fields as it makes an excellent gift for them to give to someone they care about and want to enlighten.”

After Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners, the next book from Savii Digital, Meet Bob the Blocktrain, a fully illustrated book for children, is now available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon.

On the 1st of November you will receive a special invitation e-mail with the link to your free book download.

For more information, contact education@saviidigital.com.

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