Jan 18 / 2019
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Posted by: Abdelkrim Krid

John McAfee tells a blockchain story

“Everybody here is excited about the future”

The Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 caught up with the legendary John McAfee, who gave insight into blockchain’s implications as we move into the twilight years of the first quarter of the 21st century.

It is John’s belief that the world is in the midst of a paradigm shift due to a growing trend of free-flowing information. In this respect, McAfee emphasises that blockchain is proving to be the prime-mover that is set to alter the very foundations of organised human society.

“We don’t need enforcement, what we need is education. If you know, for example, that an exchange is stealing from you, and everybody knows it, then we don’t need to shut the exchange down. It will shut itself down because it will have no customers, because no one will use it… It’s a different world. The blockchain is based on information, on reality and truth. Do you need policemen to shut someone down if all their customers walk away? No. They shut themselves down.”

Stay tuned for another exclusive interview with non-other than the father of blockchain himself – Scott Stornetta.

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