Jan 31 / 2019
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EIDOO announces the release of its hybrid exchange on the official app

Eidoo has announced the release of the its Hybrid Exchange directly on the Eidoo app, available for iOS, Android and desktop.

With the Eidoo Hybrid Exchange, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens in a matter of seconds while maintaining the high standard security offered by decentralisation.

In the past, this service was offered on a dedicated app as it was still in the beta-testing phase. Now that the beta testing phase of the Eidoo Hybrid Exchange has ended, it has been integrated within the Eidoo app, thus offering an all-in-one and easy solution to store and trade cryptocurrencies on the go.

Also, Eidoo hybrid Exchange won’t require Know Your Customer (KYC) process as our exchange platform is based in Lithuania, even if exceptions may apply in case of ICOs or tokens based in Switzerland.

As such, the Eidoo Hybrid Exchange now offers several features, including a trading wallet, easy configuration, multicurrency support, intuitive design, rock solid security, fast crypto transactions, full user control and an easy KYC process.

Our Hybrid Exchange follows the philosophy of intuitiveness we adopt in every product and solution we make. The Eidoo app and aims to get closer to the budding world of cryptocurrencies.

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