Aug 23 / 2018
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Posted by: Max

DMFX Financials announces their keynote speakers for the London conference

DMFX Financials has announced the 11 Keynote Speakers for the Mini-Conference that will be held at the BMA House, London, UK.



Daniel Maarek

Andrew Adcock

Ivan Karadzhov


Ellis Hudson


Leonid Morozovskiy

Vladimir Tassev

Sebastien Jehan

Zachary Reece

Filipe Castro


The speakers have a varied background in the field, including cryptocurrency, trading, ICOs and blockchain. They will discuss themes such as blockchain for social impact & financial inclusion, tokenomics, crowdfunding, new token smart contracts, the CCO (Continuous Coin Offering), investor protection and the future of payments with cryptocurrencies. Daniel Maarek the CEO and Founder of DMFX Financials has been interviewed on Forbes’ “Leaders Talk” show, which can be viewed on their website. Tickets are now available on presale for £21.2 at

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