Aug 23 / 2018
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Posted by: Abdelkrim Krid

Decentralised Ventures to participate in World Blockchain Forum

Decentralised Ventures will make their debut at this week’s World Blockchain Forum. The partnership between Malta-based ICO specialist TokenKey and token research and blockchain consultancy Strategic Coin hope to pave a smoother path for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts to make the most of opportunities in Malta.

The venture will provide support to the Maltese government’s foray into market regulation for ICO’s, DLT and virtual currencies.

TokenKey CEO Christopher Emms officially unveiled Decentralised Ventures during his speaking slot at the two-day World Blockchain Forum, a gathering of investors, economic pioneers and technology leaders held in Dubai.

“Malta will be the first country to provide regulatory certainty in real terms to the Blockchain and crypto community,” Mr. Emms said. “We are proud to be the first full-stack service provider to support Malta’s ambition to become ‘Blockchain Island’ through our many industry-leading clients and partnerships.”

“We firmly believe in the power of blockchain technology to transform and decentralise business processes, and we stand ready to assist any company looking to participate in Malta’s certain and favourable regulatory climate with our expertise in token generation events, research and branding,” Strategic Coin president Jeff Weinberger said.

There is already interest in the Maltese islands as a potential base for cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance and OKEx recently announced their intentions to set up base in Malta. Malta will also play host to the Malta Blockchain Summit, currently the biggest show in Malta for blockchain. The summit will provide a unique opportunity to network and debate the potential applications of blockchain with other like-minded global influencers.

Decentralised Ventures’ key goals are to support the development of fully decentralised financial markets built on blockchain whilst helping newcomers flourish under Malta’s forward-thinking environment.

Malta’s announcement in February to initiate a new body called the Malta Digital Innovation Authority stands in stark contrast to the position being taken by other governments, many of whom have announced their intention to crack down on cryptocurrencies and ICO’s. Part of its remit will be to certify companies who wish to make use of DLT platforms for financial and other purposes.

‘’These blockchain operating companies are coming to Malta…because of our innovative regulatory structure that will certainly be the first, and I think also the best, in the world.’’ Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat said.

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