Sep 26 / 2019
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Posted by: Jools Moore

DAO Leadership workshop confirmed for AIBC Summit

Workshop on Leadership Training for the Crypto and Tech Industries

AIBC Summit has confirmed a new workshop to take place on 8th November between 9am and 1pm. This workshop is for leaders and participants in decentralised and distributed organisations, and promises to delve deeper into some of the issues faced by leadership teams in emerging tech sectors, as well as the solutions to create a better working environment.

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The first half of the workshop will focus on communications and relationships. While the focus is on DAOs, the skillset is applicable to any organisation or company. The second half of the workshop will address how to deal with remote and multi-cultural teams. Exercises will boost the participants’ ability to make powerful requests, align expectations when requests are made of them, and more effectively delegate work among co-workers.

Alex Dower

The workshop is arranged and run by DAO Leadership (, with Alex Dower and Grace Rebecca Rachmany leading the activities.

Alex Dower is an award-winning theatre and film director and acting teacher based in London, UK. Creative director of Acting for Health and General Manager of Creating Freedom UK, Alex is an entrepreneur who has led projects worldwide with prisoners, disabled people, refugees, and villagers in remote locations. As one of the board members of the Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts, Alex has more than 20 years of management and leadership experience, which he brings to companies and organisations facing challenges in team communications.

Grace (Rebecca) Rachmany

Grace (Rebecca) Rachmany is the founder, as well as She is an expert in the practicalities of leading a decentralised/distributed organisation, and a leading DAO governance consultant. She co-authored the first leadership handbook specifically for the crypto industry, “So You’ve Got a DAO”, and has been a participant in dGov Forum, Genesis DAO (DAOstack).

The workshop

Participants will do exercises that will free them from the constraints that have been dominating their difficult relationships at work, and be able to complete conflicts and tensions that have been getting in the way of constructive collaborations. The workshop will also address dealing with remote and multi-cultural teams with exercises to boost the participants’ ability to make powerful requests, align expectations when requests are made of them, and more effectively delegate work among co-workers.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Everyone has a breakthrough in communication with at least 1 critical relationship at work (with an individual or a team)
  • Each participant has a newfound ease around communications
  • Participants are able to apply new tools and paradigms to making requests and delegating to others
  • Participants acquire tools and formats for collaborative decision-making that they can use in their organisations
Topics will include:

– Outcomes and purposes of the workshop
– Warm up exercise for creating group affinity and ground rules

Ground rules
– Creating workable meetings and conference spaces
– Setting standards as a group
– Handling disruptions
– Aligning a culture

Communications and mindsets
– The paradigm from which we communicate. How do mindsets affect our communications? What is a mindset anyway and why has nobody ever taught me that?
– Exercise: Filters and biases.
– Exercise: Breakthrough with a difficult relationship.

Creating an environment of collaboration
– Shared rules and values. Failures of delegation: we will work with live examples of failures of delegation and get to the source of miscommunications. Through examples from the participants and interactions, participants will see, in practice, how they can improve the results of delegating to others.

Contracts and assumptions
– What is at the root of problems in cross-cultural collaboration? Cross-cultural may be ethnic or it might be engineering versus legal or marketing cultures. Bridging cross-cultural gaps. Clear communications.

Decision-making tools
– Why voting causes politics. Decision-making tools for collaboration. Creative brainstorming without suppression of ideas.

Conclusion and takeaways
– What are you taking with you today? How will this impact your work right away?

The facilitators will be available for mentoring / coaching on specific problems in the organisation, by appointment.

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About AIBC:

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