Oct 8 / 2018
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katy micallef
Posted by: Katy Micallef

AI robot confirmed as speaker at the Malta Blockchain Summit

Sophia, the humanoid robot has been confirmed as a speaker at the upcoming Malta Blockchain Summit in November. The Saudi Arabian citizen will join her creator in a fireside chat during the summit.

Hanson Robotics has cultivated a global reputation for building machines that both look and act incredibly human, and that will one day surpass human intelligence. It is thought that for a machine to convincingly emulate humanity they must possess three distinctive human traits: creativity, empathy and compassion.

While Sophia is still some way off from passing the Turing test, her human likeness, subtle expressions and ability to carry off a conversation has captivated the world. Sophia currently has three different control systems: Timeline Editor which functions as a straight scripting software, the Sophisticated Chat System that allows Sophia to pick up on and respond to key words and phrases and OpenCog, which grounds Sophia’s answers in experience and reasoning.

sigma igaming Sophia the robot confirmed as speaker at the Malta Blockchain Summit
Sophia the robot.

The Hanson Robotics’ creation has become somewhat of a media darling, appearing on popular late night talk shows, gracing magazine covers, and taking up sought-after seats on plum panels and high-level conferences. Her status as a cultural icon has allowed her to ignite advanced conversations on how robotics and artificial intelligence will permeate people’s lives.

Accolades include becoming the first ever robot to be granted citizenship anywhere in the world, as well as being named the world’s first United Nation Innovation Champion by the United Nations Development Program, where she will have a working role with UNDP to promote sustainable development and safeguard human rights and equality.

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