List of Partners

The current Advertising industry is wrestling with multiple problems. A lack of transparency, rising ad-fraud and an ever-increasing use of ad-blockers have resulted in a lack of trust and security within the advertising world. Adeezy plans on solving these problems by providing an industry-specific blockchain which supports high performance/transaction speeds, transparency and security. The Adeezy platform delivers community created ads based on smart contract, enabling a transparent and secure environment for all the users. Advertisers, publishers, content creators, influencers and viewers have a trusted environment where all payments of the revenue share model can take place, solving a host of issues for all parties.

Marco Berkheij


Advendor is a brand new affiliate network using CPA model (cost-per-action). The CPA model was chosen not by chance. It’s precisely that model which allows to build up the most effective cooperation between publishers and advertisers. For the advertisers this means that their budget is spent only on target actions, thereby providing a more flexible and economically efficient way to work with the system. For publishers it provides an opportunity to maximize their profits from the attracted traffic, because any lead generated by our partners costs much more than an ordinary view or click.

Maksim Jevsejev


A|R|Q Group, is a multi-disciplinary professional services organisation, which provides its local and international clients with bespoke solutions within the corporate, taxation, remote gaming & financial services advisory, risk & AML compliance, trust & fiduciary, shipping & aviation, accounting and economic & business intelligence sectors.

Jean Paul Fabri

Managing Director

Auralite Blockchain is an investment corporation focused exclusively on generating Blockchain technologies, Digital currency, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Our philosophy is to build a vertically integrated portfolio of companies that will disrupt legacy businesses, and create entirely new markets and models. We are composed of a diverse network of entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors bringing unrivalled resources to founders who want to leverage their ventures to create widespread blockchain adoption.

Avanzia Taxand is a corporate service provider licensed by the MFSA. Whilst offering a plethora of services including the formation of your business and the provision of ancillary services thereto, Avanzia Taxand remains highly focused on taxation matters. Avanzia Taxand maintains a standard of excellence and a personalised service.

Antonella Bonanno


For the past 40 years, BDO Malta has acted as auditors, tax advisers and consultants for numerous Maltese and international companies, including online gaming companies, both privately held and publicly listed. We also have extensive knowledge in managing the remote gaming licence application process on behalf of our clients and accordingly assist with all of the information and documentation required by the Malta Gaming Authority. BDO Malta is looking forward to assist clients in blockchain, virtual currencies and DLT related areas.

Mark Attard


A high-end trading platform with a wide range of financial assets. Some of the most advantageous trading terms and investment options on the market. Analytical services for client trading. Convenience for both the experienced and the novice trader. A helpful section of high quality tutorials. Efficient and highly professional client support staff.

Viktoriya Glubokovskaya

Manager Business Development

Cost per action provides revenues for publishers whilst enabling advertisers to generate leads. In choosing to build Bitcomo on the blockchain, we aim to make the CPA model more efficient and transparent. Blockchain, the clearest and most elegant anti-fraud solution. Because the entire cycle of exchange from publisher to advertiser is transparent, we can track every click, action and lead and display this process using open, immutable code.

Alex Grus


Established on 24th of April 2017, Bitcore aims to be the #1 solution for direct payments. Bitcore has one of the lowest transaction fees on the market while possibly providing the best on-chain scaling solution in the entire crypto-sphere.

The Bitfury Group is the largest full-service blockchain technology company in the world. We develop and deliver cutting-edge software and hardware solutions necessary for businesses, governments, organizations and individuals to securely move assets across the blockchain. Their expertise ensures successful, easy, fast, secure, and cost-effective connectivity to the blockchain. The Bitfury Group is dedicated to advancing the blockchain community. Learn more about our bold leadership in bringing blockchain technology to the world.

Valery Vavilov

Founder and CEO

There are many casinos out there, and everyone is claiming to have some unique twist to it. We are BitStarz, a small group of casino-enthusiast who are all casino players.

Srdjan Kapor

Marketing & Affiliate Manager

We have created BiteMyCoin after realising there aren’t many places which would understandably explain the new technology. Our core value is building the bridge between a complicated world of emerging technologies and the audience. In short, we translate blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into plain english.

Benji Borg


Bitsane is a full-featured spot trading exchange for the most popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Iconomi and others. To get started, you'll need to register your own free account. Second, you'll need to make a deposit, either crypto currency or conventional money. Once we receive your funding (which is a matter of seconds most of the times) we will credit your Bitsane account and then you can start buying and selling Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, Iconomi right away. Start trading crypto currency markets today.

Dmitry Prudnikov

Director of research and development

Blackmoon is a platform which allows cryptocurrency owners to purchase blockchain tokens linked to investment funds’ performance. Blackmoon allows asset managers to issue and distribute blockchain tokens linked to their funds’ performance, access previously unavailable classes of investors, raise capital and increase liquidity of the investment proposition. The company’s vision is to create a new standard for the asset management industry that will bridge the gap between the traditional and crypto financial universes.

Oleg Seydak

Founder and CEO

Our services range from custom and specific advisory services in relation to initial coin offerings and token generation events, to assistance in setting up cryptocurrency-focused funds and exchange platforms.

Jonathan Galea

Managing Director

BlockChain World Forum will explore the opportunities and challenges associated with BlockChain. The event is a initiative in creating an interactive platform for the leading technologists, entrepreneurs, regulators, investors, academics and financial institutions in the emerging BlockChain industry. Presented in a series of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies with a focus on learning and building partnerships in the emerging Blockchain space, BlockChain World Forum will explore the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology, including; legal sectors, financial services, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate and more. Within the conference, there will be the exhibition of technological and business application innovations for the industry.

The BlockEx Digital Asset Exchange Platform manages the entire lifecycle of blockchain based digital assets, including origination, issuance, exchange, settlement and redemption. The DAxP includes a digital asset creation tool, exchange, clearing, settlement, registry and brokerage software. The exchange is HFT capable with institutional connectivity via API FIX and ITCH protocols and is digital asset frame work (Blockchain/DLT) agnostic. Currently, BlockEx is building out product extensions to include licensable (securities, trade order, originationand deal flow) management tools as well as regulatory reporting for any asset originated on the platform.

Adam Leonard


Bloomio works on redesigning the venture capital industry. Bloomio provides a crowdfunding platform, that connects early-stage startups with individual investors and venture funds. The platform allows startup founders to raise capital by tokenizing equity, and gives investors a possibility to trade startup stakes through a secure blockchain-based marketplace.

BuzzShow is a unique reward based social video platform!

Offer Kohen

Founder & Inventor

With 30 years’ experience as a Customer Service Centre of Excellence, and a leading company in Europe within the Outsourcing Industry, Centrecom offers a variety of solutions specialising in Customer Support, via telephone, email, live chat and social media, Content Writing, Airline Representation, Back Office support, Document Management, Revenue Accounting, Fraud Prevention and Sales/VIP Client Management.

Robert Spiteri

General Manager

With around 200 professionals, CCA is one of the largest law firms in Malta and enjoys a history of tech-oriented work, serving clients in the online gambling, digital games, crypto and blockchain sectors. Besides familiarity with the legal aspects of blockchain technology, the firm strongly bridges technology with the financial regulatory aspects and has positioned itself as a top legal and tax advisor to the Fintech and Blockchain sector.

Colin B. German


COBINHOOD is the next-generation cryptocurrency service platform, our vision is to shape future economies by creating a crypto financial center for the blockchain era. COBINHOOD is a place for dreamers and doers. We are looking for top-notch talents worldwide, you’ll work on the bleeding edge of blockchain technology, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies; playing as a leading force in taking today’s economies into the future. Join us to work on the edge and help create more opportunity and innovation in this new era.

Popo Chen

CEO and Founder

Codum is an eosio infrastructure and git based community driven market of code for different programming languages in one place. It is a market where the code owners can license their code (snippets of code, software etc.) under smart contracts. Codum is a pool of discoverable code similar to Github, where users/visitors can find a solution to execute an operation or to complete a task. Instead of spending hours on writing code by themselves, users/visitors have the ability to find and buy it in Codum - either license out the code already written by other people, or hire someone to code it. Pure philosophically - codum is a programming accelerator in time and quality, in short, and long-term

Liucijus Urmonas


The club was established in September 1962, at Lackland Air Force Base, known as "The Gateway to the Air Force," thus the club name. Although the club has not held meetings on the base since 1974, it has continued to meet in the city of San Antonio where Lackland Air Force Base is located.

We offer cutting-edge services and solutions that empower small-scale businesses and multinational companies. Whatever it is you are looking for, we have you covered and more in the expanding markets of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Oron Barber


CoinTraffic is the largest advertising network in the blockchain space. We started developing our network in 2014, long time before the blockchain mania was the thing. This is why our focus was always playing long-term and deliver the quality product.

Sergei Verbitski


Available in investment-grade silver, copper & gold, each Cold Storage Coin features a unique wallet ID and laser-etched private key, concealed beneath the industry’s best tamper-resistant holographic film. Intrinsically valuable and inherently secure, Cold Storage Coins are the easiest way to own bitcoin.

Rob Gray


Conventions Malta within the Malta Tourism Authority focuses on C & I Travel and Association business to the Maltese Islands. The role of Conventions Malta is that of promoting Malta, Gozo & Comino as a M.I.C.E. destination focusing on research and planning, marketing and promotion, product development and quality assurance.

Peter Cauchi

Head of Conventions Malta

CountryProfiler (CP) is an international media company that specialises in the publication of country reports and investment guides on the world's most innovative and high growth markets for trade, foreign investment and international financial services.

Garvan Keating


Cryptonity is the platform of «Cryptonity Ltd & SAS», two companies that are currently merging to become a single entity, registered in France and Malta. Cryptonity is the next generation cryptocurrency platform, our vision is to create a true ecosystem we focus our work on blockchain and its complex technology.

Jaewoo Seo


Founded in October of 2013, Cryptopay is a wallet and payment platform where merchants and consumers can make transactions with each other while also being backed by the new bitcoin payment protocol.

Eric Benz


Founded in early 2014 with offices in London, Malta, Berlin, Hong Kong and currently applying for a licence in Japan. Registered under applicable Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and Laws with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in the United Kingdom; Launched the bitcoin wallet and merchant solutions in January 2015, its own in house and proprietary and market leading software platform: Wallet: secure storage for buying/selling Bitcoin. Merchant solutions: allows businesses to offer virtual currency payments, without the need for exposure to virtual currency price volatility or requirement to hold Bitcoin. In 2017 Cubits introduced OTC and Dedicated Trading services for High Net Worth individuals and Organisations. Early in 2018 Cubits opened its own Blockchain R&D center in Berlin.

Max Krupyshev

Head of Crypto Business

All the facts and figures that talk to our size and diversity and years of history, as notable and important as they may be, are secondary to the truest measure of Deloitte: the impact we make in the world.

Michael Mercieca

Global Employer Services (GES) at Deloitte

Our mission at DQR is to build the foundations of a more inclusive financial system and to empower people through blockchain technology. We do this by making cryptocurrencies and the wider applications of blockchain technology accessible, comprehensible, and generous.

Kristian Haehndel

CEO & Founder

Dr Werner & Partner are specialists for international tax, blockchain and crypto currency and corporate structures. We advise mainly start-ups in related tax and legal matters on how to setup an operation in Malta including obtaining a licence, doing an ICO or other blockchain business.

Philipp Sauerborn

Principal Consultant

At Egg Recruitment, our aim is to enrich businesses with the best-in-class talent, and support job seekers in their quest for a fulfilling and rewarding career. We are a recruitment solutions company that exists to connect the best people to the best jobs.

Claire-Suzanne Borg

HR & Recruitment Manager

E&S is a boutique multi-disciplinary firm based in Malta with a strong focus on the provision of corporate, tax, advisory and related services geared primarily towards international business.

Karl Schranz

Director is a crypto currency and a workgroup-management enabled community-platform, to manage expert teams and establish them as grassroots lobbying teams, in Europe. The website provides state of the art intranet-inspired communication and highly interconnected publishing, sharing and marketing tools, to support the teams, Their goal is, to educate decisionmakers about blockchain technologie and to foster a "decentralization of powers" across Europe.

Matthias Klees

Founder & Maintainer

For more than a decade, eToro has been a leader in the global Fintech revolution. It is the world’s leading social trading network, with millions of registered users and an array of innovative trading and investment tools. eToro’s vision is to open the global markets for everyone to trade and invest in a simple and transparent way.

EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. Worldwide it employs more than 212,000 people in 152 countries around the world. In fiscal year 2016 EY hired 80,000 people comprising 63,000 full-time employees – of which 40,000 are campus hires and 23,000 experienced hires.

Fenech & Fenech Advocates, founded in 1891, is one of the leading law firms in Malta. The firm has evolved to a full-service firm which is today a recognised leader in a number of areas including Shipping and Maritime Law, International Trade, Financial Services and TMT Law.

Antonio Ghio


GANADO Advocates is a leading commercial law firm with a particular focus on the corporate, financial services and maritime sectors, predominantly servicing international clients doing business in or out of Malta. The firm traces its roots back to the early 1900s, and is today one of Malta’s foremost law practices, consistently ranking as a leading firm in all its core sectors. GANADO Advocates has over the past decades contributed directly towards creating and enhancing Malta’s hard-won reputation as a reliable and effective international centre for financial and maritime services. Today, the firm continues to provide high standards of legal advisory services to support and enhance Malta’s offering.

Leonard Bonello


GoChain is a scalable, Ethereum based smart contract blockchain that is fast, secure and green. It enables DApp and smart contract developers to lift and shift from Ethereum to GoChain for 100x increased performance. GoChain's mission is to provide a scalable, low cost, energy efficient platform for digital currency and decentralized applications.

The Green Exchange is a consortium of leading banks, brokers, trading firms, and exchanges that share a common goal and bring together deep expertise and vast experience in environmental markets. The owners of the Green Exchange's holding company, Green Exchange Holdings LLC, are: Constellation NewEnergy, Credit Suisse Energy, Evolution Markets, Goldman Sachs, ICAP Energy, J.P. Morgan Ventures Energy, Morgan Stanley Capital Group, RNK Capital, Spectron Energy, TFS Energy, Tudor Investment, Vitol and CME Group, the world's largest and most diverse derivatives marketplace.

Camille DURAN

Executive Producer & Chief Editor at Green Exchange Productions

At GTG we are committed to the success of our clients and our hallmark is to meet, and exceed our clients' expectations. We are results-oriented and aim at meticulous, innovative and timely solutions. In addition to this; respect, trust, confidentiality and loyalty are fundamental to us. With expert knowledge in our respective fields, we value and complement one another, bringing together individual contributions to generate optimum results.

Ian Gauci


HBM Group, is the leading independent financial services provider headquartered in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean; with a fully-fletched office in Malta. As a professional, client-oriented family of service companies, HBM Group is focused on delivering comprehensive international company solutions; and assists in company formation/ management, back-office and accounting.

Raoul Behr


Hypercube is a unique video agency that lives and breathes high tech, bleeding edge technologies like digital currencies, crypto assets, quantum computing and AI. They have been active in the blockchain space for more than 5 years and their videos have helped raise hundreds of millions.

Joeri Pross

Executive Director

ICBF is an investment fund that invests in high-yield blockchain instruments. Our team of traders and analysts works under the leadership of professional managers, all of whom have many years of experience in the Russian and international stock markets and in the management of traditional investment products. ICBF’s extensive expertise in investing and managing assets is the fund’s major advantage on the cryptocurrency market. The technologies and methods that we use have proven their effectiveness in the market of traditional investments. Drawing on the high standards and rules of the stock market, ICBF has created a clear and reliable service for investing in cryptoassets. We firmly believe that this service will help our clients grow their capital and make ICBF a market leader.

Anton Makhnovskii


The emergence of technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum marks the creation of a revolutionary new asset class: digital assets. But successfully managing your own digital assets is hard, requiring intensive research, security measures with no room for error, and multiple exchange accounts. The ICONOMI Digital Asset Management Platform is a new and unique technical service that takes care of this process for you using diversified baskets of digital assets called Digital Asset Arrays

Tim M. Zagar

Co-founder & CEO

ICO Launch Malta is a full stack ICO platform that services every aspect of a company's ICO process from incorporation and tax planning, to token creation, smart contract development and deployment, marketing and PR through to exchange listing.

Jan Sammut


Informance was founded to provide Blockchain businesses the know how required for a succesful and investable proposition. It evolved to provide the execution capability required for these businesses and now Informance takes care of many businesses strategically, and operationally.

Jelle Pol

CEO Informance Group

At intelliblock our mission is to become the premier business blockchain solution providers in Europe by adopting an open approach with our business partners and offering full support for their projects, including Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

James Catania


IvyNet Ltd is an established company in Malta offering web solutions for merchants, professionals and individuals worldwide. The main object of the Company is to act and carry on the business of creating marketplaces for trading through software modules, which are used for all kinds of services and goods.

Kinanis LLC, a law and consulting firm, is one of the leading and largest business law firms in Cyprus and advises for over 33 years the international investor and private clients on all aspects of law, tax and accounting. Kinanis LLC absorbed the business of its shareholders which are in the legal and consulting profession since 1983, with local and international dimensions.

Francesco Sultana

Head of Kinanis

With a staff compliment of around 350, including 29 principals, KPMG in Malta is one of the leading providers of audit, tax and advisory services. Our vision is to be the clear choice for our clients, our people and our community. We are committed to working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients by adopting a client-centric approach that integrates innovative approaches and deep expertise to deliver real results.

Juanita Brockdorff

Partner, International Tax

Krypto is a blockchain data analytics company delivering actionable insights into decentralized networks. We are blockchain enthusiasts and data science experts passionate about empowering the community through accessible and insightful data.

Alexandre Roubaud

Co-founder and CEO

KuBitX is a cryptocurrency exchange with its own utility token to drive value and use case delivery on the platform. KuBitX has the highest security standards, ease-of-use,lightning speed transaction and excellent client support.

Juliana Mwangi


Kyte Consultants ® offers a range of risk management services across a wide variety of industries. We help clients identify their risk areas & support them in implementing practical & cost effective solutions. Our objective is to assist companies heavily reliant on information & communications technologies to achieve their business objectives in a secure manner.

Mr. Alan Alden


Founded in 2005 by Paul Bougnoux and Tanguy Mantelin, Largillière Finance is an independent M&A advisory firm based in Paris and Brussels. We advise our clients on their sales and acquisitions operations, fundraising (equity and debt), financial engineering and corporate finance advisory. Our clients are SMEs and their shareholders. We operate in France and Europe through our offices (Paris & Brussels) and the network i-DealNet that we co-founded. A dozen M&A professionals are fully dedicated to Largillière Finance’s clients. The team is strengthened by a strong network of senior advisors, who are high caliber professionals and bring their technical skills and sector-based knowledge. Our team works together thanks to a unique methodology based on collaborative work, information exchange, and knowledge sharing.

Paul Bougnoux

Founding Partner

Malta Enterprise is the country’s economic development agency, tasked with attracting new foreign direct investment as well as facilitating the growth of existing operations.

Anthony David Gatt

Manager of Investment Promotion

Mamo TCV Advocates is one of Malta's leading law firms, with significant expertise across a broad range of practice areas, including corporate, financial services, aviation, shipping, IP, ICT and immigration law. MAMO TCV Advocates has also, since September 2017 set up a specialised FinTech Department which handles legal matters relating to ICO’s, Exchanges, Blockchain, and Crypto assets.

Dr. Michael Psaila

Managing Partner

NEUTRINO is a software house with special talents in exploiting cyber technology for Law Enforcement and Government use. Thanks to these skills Neutrino has created a leading cryptocurrency investigation and analysis platform, providing insights ACROSS multiple currencies and THROUGH deliberate techniques used for obfuscation. The Neutrino platform and practical expertise supports Market Regulators to determine AML/KYC processes and risk mitigation.

Giancarlo Russo

CEO and Founder

A brand new, premium online casino offers players a rewarding, enjoyable gaming experience. Night Rush is targeted at gamers from Europe and beyond who are looking for a casino second to none with a wide selection of world-class games, a unique theme and outstanding gaming quality. Night Rush is fully authorized and licensed in both Malta and Curacao meaning players know the casino is one they can fully trust.

Tony Leone

Head of Affiliate Marketing

Established in 2008, NOUV is a professional services firm based in Malta. We can offer boutique services ranging from Corporate, Accounting and Outsourcing, Tax, Advisory, Audit and Legal services to Immigration, Crypto and Blockchain, iGaming and Technology consulting services. We focus on international clients wishing to be regulated and/or setting up in Malta.

Andrew Naudi


NYNJA Group is creating the first international blockchain enabled platform with an advanced global communicator, on-demand marketplace and cryptocurrency ecosystem. The NYNJACom communicator enables voice, text and visual messaging with robust business management and e-commerce features. NYNJACom interfaces seamlessly with the dynamic NYNJA ecosystem powered by NYNJACoin cryptocurrency. With NYNJACoin, users can exchange freelance services and virtual goods, access exclusive content and earn tokens for sharing and participating in communities within the ecosystem.

OpenLedger ApS is a Danish company dedicated to bringing the power of blockchain technology to the wider business world. The company has over 50 expert software development and architecture specialists, marketers, business analysts, legal and support personnel in our headquarters in Pandrup, Denmark, and our technical center in Minsk, Belarus. Since our inception in 2015 we have worked with a global client base to leverage existing blockchain solutions like cryptocurrencies, and to create custom business tools and applications based on revolutionary distributed ledger technology.

Ronny Boesing

Co-Owner and Founder

Through a dedicated and innovative team of local and international associates, our aim is to provide a compliant, professional, confidential and tailored service to our clients, their families and their businesses, helping to protect their interests, achieve their ambitions and safe guard their future.

Ian Dawson

Managing Director offers streamlined, multi-currency, payment acceptance solutions for today’s international, E-commerce markets. We pride ourselves in our ability to obtain merchant accounts for clients, based on our extensive partner network.

Avi Chesed


Raccoon Media is a Scandinavian affiliate powerhouse with global coverage spanning all major GEO’s. With our unparalleled network of direct publishers and our experience in the market we know how to reach your desired audience both nationally and globally. Our proprietary send out systems ensure unparalleled delivery. The Coon gets in and gets results.

Jim Van Hazendor


Our overall goal is not only to be a leader in our market but it is to continue to set the pace in the real estate industry by not only introducing innovative ways of buying and selling real estate in Malta but also by providing to our sales and letting associates ground-breaking tools and education

RIALTO.AI is a fintech company developing a platform for automated trading in the growing multi-billion landscape of digital assets and blockchain transactions. The team of experienced trading economists, data scientists, and signal processing experts is designing algorithms for arbitrage, market making, and prediction trading. Our algorithms allow the RIALTO.AI platform users an automated, seamless and secure way to trade their cryptocurrencies.

Vito Martin Hrzenjak


RSM offers specialist advisory services to medium-sized companies aspiring to grow locally and internationally. Our best-in-class resources are supported by knowledge and expertise available throughout the RSM global network. We invest heavily in talent to provide quality, business and IT advisory services as well as tax advisory, corporate services, back office support and audit services for our clients.

Gordon Micallef


Since 2015 RunCPA is supplying blockchain products with spending customers and non-institutionalised ICO investors. The company operates on performance marketing base only, which means that advertisers only pay for the result (i.e. for actual sales), which also naturally protects advertisers from fraud.

Vladimir Demenko

BD Manager – RunCPA - Selling CPL/CPM crypto traffic

SECFORCE is a leading information security consultancy, highly specialised in the delivery of penetration testing services. We ensure that your IT infrastructure and applications are safe from malicious external or internal attacks.

Marina Lekova

Senior Sales Executive at SECFORCE

It was still easy in the pioneer years of the World Wide Web to register suitable names as internet domains, but meanwhile practically all web addresses which promise success are already taken. As the largest trade platform for “used” domains, we help customers all over the world to find the perfect domain when the preferred domain of choice is already taken. We bring hundreds of buyers and sellers together every day, and with a market share of 60%, we are the leading provider in what we refer to as the "secondary market" for previously registered domains.

We exist for one reason: To be agents of result-driven change, bridging the gap between business and digital innovation, while leaving a positive impact on the community around us. Digital innovation is a vital element to outpace your competition. Yet, since innovation is both art and science, keeping up might be tricky. This is where we come in. With 20+ years of experience in building world-class digital solutions, we provide a unique balanced perspective to forward thinking organisations that want to transform their ideas into innovative blockchain, AI & IOT based products and services that their users love.

Johan Zammit

Founder & CEO

South Risk Partners Ltd and South Risk Management Cell, a Cell of a Malta based insurance manager, provide advice and insurance management services to insurance companies, captive owners and industry corporates who are assessing their business and administrative structures, costs, operations, regulatory environment or other.

Joanne Alamango

Managing Director

SushiChain is a custom blockchain written in Crystal. It features CPU only mining, Human readable addresses, 2FA at the transaction level, a decentralised application framework and many more features.

Kingsley Hendrickse


TalentXD is a global search, talent advisory & interim consultancy company with our headquarters in Malta. We are dedicated to helping clients in the iGaming, Financial Services and Technology industry to quickly and efficiently access the right top talent.

Kim Gehrke

Co Founder

Thompson&Stein is an international law firm specializing in law and tax consulting for blockchain industry. The company's activities include assistance in obtaining cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service provider licenses in Estonia. Professional team consists of experienced lawyers, tax advisors and certified accountants.

Artur Kuczmowski

Senior Partner

TrackICO - a platform that was established to provide its users reliable information about the best Initial Coin Offering projects and help ICOs attract more investors.

Aivaras Kondrotas


Trijo is Sweden's first real cryptocurrency exchange and is set to go live at the beginning of 2019. In addition to our exchange, we also operate Trijo News, a news site that covers the latest from the world of bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

Totte Löfström


Vistra's specialist professionals provide tailored trust, fiduciary, fund and corporate services. We form strong, trusted connections with our clients, based on a deep understanding of their professional worlds, drawn from our extensive experience of working in those same worlds - across finance, structuring, law, and accounting.

Anthony Galea

Managing Director at Vistra Marine & Aviation

Western Union Business Solutions is one of the world’s leading providers of cross-border business payments. With expertise in moving funds around the globe, access to over 130 currencies, and a global financial network spanning more than 200 countries and territories.

Stephen Ford

Business Development Manager

The WH story started in 2006 when Olga Finkel founded WH Law. By 2012 the firm had evolved into a multi-discipline firm and the addition of partner James Scicluna led to the formation of WH Partners as we know it today. Shortly after the partnership was created, Senior Associate Ruth Galea was promoted to the position of Partner and the firm continued to grow both in terms of staff numbers and quantity and quality of clients.

ZenCash is a privacy-oriented blockchain system built on zero-knowledge cryptography and modified Satoshi consensus. The system goes well beyond a traditional cryptocurrency in that it is designed to be a sort of startup nation, or full peer-to-peer economic system for money, media and messaging.

Rowan Stone

Director of Business Development

We are experts in most financial services related to advising, structuring and supporting our clients to execute complex international business transactions. We can assist you with setting up and managing your business, advise you on complex negotiations, and help you to navigate regulatory matters.

Michealle Oakes