ICO Pitch

ICO Pitch 2018



A free 1m booth at Malta Blockchain Summit, including cost of printing and furniture..


Invitation to premium networking events in Malta.



Startup Pitch presentation for ten finalists – meet the investors on stage.


Free office space at Microsoft Innovation Centre, Malta, to use for meetings, relocation of offices.



Malta Blockchain Summit PR – magazines, website, email newsletters, interviews.



Free consultancy and potential leads from leading industry veterans.


Up to 100 ICOs will get the free booth and consultancy package, but only ten will make it to the final and have the opportunity to make the pitch. The action-packed, fast-paced pitch guarantees a buzzing show, full of excitement! Each startup will have three minutes to present their project, then face a session of Q&A from the investors and the audience in a Dragon’s Den-like environment. Are you a startup? Seeking mentors and investors? Download the application today. Successful applications will be entitled to the following dynamite package.

Meet the Investors

  • Malta Blockchain Summit Tugce

    Tugce Ergul

    Angel Labs

Tugce Ergul

Malta Blockchain Summit Angel Labs

  • Malta Blockchain Summit Daniel Shahoua

    Daniel Shashoua

    Odin Capital

Daniel Shashoua

Malta Blockchain Summit Odin Capital

  • Malta Blockchain Summit Carlos Domingo

    Carlos Domingo

    SPiCE VC

Carlos Domingo

Malta Blockchain Summit Spice VC

  • ?

    Coming Soon

Investor 4

  • ?

    Coming Soon

Investor 5

  • ?

    Coming Soon

Investor 6