For Developers

Registration for Malta Blockchain Summit will be free of charge for blockchain developers.


Registration for the Malta Blockchain Summit will be free of charge for blockchain developers. All other delegates must pay the standard admission fee.

If you are unsure whether you classify as a blockchain developer, these are the criteria:


You must be a software developer knowledgeable on how to secure an immutable, distributed database. It is completely different from being a web developer, a database developer or a distributed systems developer. However, a blockchain developer share similarities with all three. Blockchain engineers must be able to design protocols and do lots of testing of assumptions.


You must also be able to master particular programming languages. Almost every programming language has some sort of Bitcoin library. Contributing to blockchain development tends to be C++ and Python heavy, though.


If you are still not sure whether you relate to any part of the above description, kindly email us directly at with details of your business. We will then be able to let you know whether you qualify for free entrance to Malta Blockchain Summit. A strict door policy will be enforced at all times and the organizers reserve the right to refuse entry. If you understand the terms and believe that you qualify as an developer, go ahead and register for your free pass here.


We ask anyone who is aware of entry abuse to report this immediately to the organising team. This will ensure a healthy, networking event with quality developers at all times.


Whilst thanking you for your cooperation, we look forward to welcoming you to sunny Malta!