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Dr Kris



Website: ae.com

AE’s presence in Malta means you have advisors on the ground who will help you launch a virtual asset on the market that is registered with an EU regulator. Beyond that however, AE has service partnerships around the globe that will help you market your product and raise funds to finance it. Our service lines are seamless and intended to provide you with a single stop experience.




IT Legals Ltd (ITL) specializes in “Anti-Money Laundering (AML)” and “Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF)” web applications and due diligence back-office services for the Blockchain industry. ITL’s AMLEXA, is the first Artificial Intelligence Platform for the “Remote Customer Due Diligence”, that automates Identification, Risk Assessment and On-going Monitoring. Visit us on: http://www.amlexa.com/



Blockchain Panther

Blockchain Panther is a one-stop-shop for those who believe blockchain can improve their companies. We offer trainings for those entering the market, consulting and development for those who are already on it. Our expanding inventory of ready-to-use technolgies bring the future closer to your company.




Caledo houses advocates, academics, technologists, policy and regulatory experts, economists, and security and fintech specialists, to provide its clients with an exceptional one-stop-shop environment. In a world where developments in technology are constantly pushing the boundaries of laws and society, we believe that an interdisciplinary expertise is the lynchpin for innovation in our industry.


CEO & Founder


London, UK based CloseCross Ltd is the developer of a multi-party, decentralised derivatives trading platform driving democratic participation. By introducing simple 3-click-trading, helping to eliminate unquantified risks, and making trading 90% cheaper, CloseCross promises to level the playing field for those wishing to participate in the $1200 trillion financial derivatives market.


CEO & Co-founder


CoinCasso is a democratic cryptocurrency, fully licensed, located in the European Union company. Our vision is to create the most efficient solutions for exchange service and trade platform, connected to the network of ATMs for users. As the first on the market, we give financial benefits to active members.



EMD Advocates

EMD Advocates is a leading law firm based in Valletta, Malta servicing a number of local and international operators in a number of niches areas including blockchain, ICOs, STOs, i-gaming, financial services, tax, trusts and corporate law amongst others. EMD is able to advise and assist ICO operators, STO operators and other service providers in structuring and applying for the necessary regulatory authorisation as well as providing on-going legal and regulatory advice and compliance. We are good listeners and strive to add value to our clients through well thought out and at times out of the box solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and based on our expert knowledge of the law.

La Rosa


Globiance Limited

Globiance Limited is a private company, registered in the UK, offering exchange and trading of crypto- and FIAT currencies, payment solutions and worldwide money transfers via its fully owned and licensed subsidiaries in Malta, Globiance Exchange Ltd and Globiance Payment Ltd. Globiance also plans to offer a trading platform for investors covering all traditional financial products.