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Workshop Room

Conference Room

Workshop Room

AIBC & Bit Angels Breakfast expand icon

Cryptocurrency Trading Masterclass expand icon

Conference Chair

Craig Cobb

Cryptocurrency Trader, Educator & Speaker

This course is for anyone that wants to know:
when to enter
when to exit
how to take profits
how to manage risk
how to use margin
how to profit in an up-trend
how to profit in a down-trend
how to confidently read chart direction
how to take action and be a successful trader
This strategy has been the key to Craig's trading success over 13 years.

You can forget the complex world of multiple indicators, hundreds of pattern names and complex combinations. We will only teach you what you need to know, and that centres around price action and fair value.

Book your ticket here:


The Crypto Trading Masterclass

Blockchain Strategy for Executives & Investors Workshop expand icon

Conference Chair

Steve Tendon

Managing Director of ChainStrategies, a consulting firm providing strategic blockchain advisory

Chain Strategies

Hosted by:


Blockchains Technologies


Strategy / Innovation Reference Models


Blockchain Strategy Framework


Nine Powers of Innovation of Blockchain Technologies


Powers of Innovation for Startups


Reconceiving / Redesigning Existing Business Models

Conference Room

Compliance & Regulation

Conference Chair

Beverly Tonna

Legal Advisor - Blockchain Advisory

What could A.I. rights and responsibilities look like? From blockchain regulation to DAO Governance, we're asking all the big questions.


Technological supremacy through high-performance blockchains

It's time for an introduction into the innovative ways to empower blockchains through heterogeneous architectures and high-performance computation.

Ciprian Pungila


When two worlds collide: exploring micro and macro regulatory perspectives

Friction between local and global regulatory end-goals is inevitable in today's regulatory landscape. Let's explore this dividing line and how AI and blockchain could facilitate both ends of the spectrum.

Anthony David Gatt

Christopher Azzopardi

Mariella Baldacchino

Josef Cachia


Fintech, payment solutions and compliance

As PSD2 and GDPR rain down upon the financial services and broader industries, how are service providers fairing one year on? What's next on this regulatory front?

Stephen McCarthy

Kenneth Farrugia

David Martin

Beverly Tonna

ACME Capital

Anthony David Gatt


Taking the world by storm: demistifying the consequences of Facebook's Libra

The proposed global cryptocurrency by social media giant Facebook is disrupting national regulator and central bank processes. Will Libra get stopped in is tracks or is this development an unstoppable force?

Gordon Einstein


Leading the pack: Malta's national AI strategy

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the Prime Minister of Malta, the Hon. Joseph Muscat, as he elucidates his thoughts on this fast-paced industry.

Hon. Joseph Muscat


The Philippines: incenstivising an active grass-roots approach for blockchain adoption

Visionaries welcome change and innovation with open arms. It's time to ge the lowdown on the Asian front.

Raul L. Lambino


Keynote by Hon. Silvio Schembri

The Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation considers the impact of this thriving industry on the A.I. & Blockchain Island.

Hon. Silvio Schembri


Embracing emerging technology at a stage level

Change is inevitable. Let's take a look at the careful and considered approach taken by today's jurisdictions leading the innovation edge.

Olga Finkel

Hon. Silvio Schembri

Raul L. Lambino

Ciprian Pungila


Tech nations: an open-minded look at today's leading jurisdictions

Malta has positioned itself as a focal point for business and trade in the digital era. However, competing jurisdictions in Asia and around Europe are also pushing the envelope. Let's dig in.

Dr. Joseph F. Borg

Jackie Scerri

Michelle Chivunga

Henry Yu

Malcolm Tan


Reimagining going public with continious security offerings

Let's take a closert look at a novel way for companies to go public and reach their financial goals. How does this stakeholder model differ from the traditional insider way?

Joris Delanoue


A new VC model: decentralised autonomous trusts

Companies are eyeing Malta for a prospective sandbox environment for the deployment of DAT's. Let's take a closer look at company case-studies on this front.

Simon Hooper

Joris Delanoue

David Orban

Alex Armengol

Randy Boyer


Malta role in the age of DEFI

What has happened since Malta launched its world-renowned DLT regulatory Framework? Let's find out.

Jonathan Galea

Blockchain Advisory

Revving the blockchain engine with international standardisation

From social inclusion to financial innovation, the international community must get together to improve security, privacy and facilitate adoption through interoperability. Time to make it happen.

Steve Tendon

Dr. Joshua Ellul

Gordon Pace

Wayne Grixti

Sinaida Epp

George Cutajar


The Aviation industry: Redistribution of wealth through blockchain

The advent of blockchain technology has brought a new vista to airline ticket distribution and a new way for airlines to collaborate and reconnect with their customers. Let's illuminate this change.

Brendan McKittrick


The good, the bad and the stable

Is sustained financial stability more than a utopian vision? The emergence of stablecoins could result in a paradigm shift from current monetary policy standards. Let’s hear it from the expert.

Justine Scerri Herrera

Michael Kyprianou & Co.

A.I. Start-up Pitch

10 AI Startups with innovative projects will pitch on stage in front of established entrepreneurs and savvy investors. Set your sights on the moon and battle it out in a shark-tank environment with some tough love from a select panel of stern judges.


A.I. Start-up Pitch

The Future of Fintech

Conference Chair

Maria Vovchok

Hosted by:


Crypto payment solutions in the digital era

Payment-processors are invariably the gatekeepers for today's startups and SME's. Let's take a look at workaround market solutions in the era of digital innovation.

Felix Mago

Dash NEXT & Dash Thailand

The silicon dome: financial crime in the age of cyber-espionage

Could cryptocurrencies become a tool to fund cyber-espionage while cricumventing economic sanctions? Let's hear an industry expert take a deep dive into today's financial narrative.

Federica Taccogna

FTI Consulting

Do's and dont's: the changing face of financial crime

Financial damage from crypto-related fraud has reached $2.3 billion, which is nothing compared the estimated $2.1 trillion in cyber hacking, dark web activities and other pervasive fiat-based risk factors in the 21st century. The gloves are off!

Sonia Goklani

Gavin Brown

Quyen Nong

Federica Taccogna

FTI Consulting

Money over IP, coin privacy, and the crypto arms race

The onset of money over the internet has opened the floodgates to evolving standards around privacy in light of recent ECB proposals. Let's dig in.

Bobby Lee


Facebook's Libra, Bitcoin's lightning network or the DAO protocol?

As tech giants recalibrate their initial distaste for crypto into new business verticals, let's analyse the pros and cons of their offerings against the industry gold standard and other contenders.

Eric Wall

Yao-Chieh Hu

David Pulis

Monty Munford

Truth Raider


Blockchain interoperability: out with the old, in with the new

How do we facilitate communication between legacy financial systems and decentralised blockchain-based exchanges?

Vahid Toosi

Mike Kane

Sebastian Markowsky

Alexander Borodich

Kyle Chassé


Redefining investment vehicles: STOs - IPOs - IEOs

We're in the process of overhauling the venture capital climate. How do today's nuanced investment vehicles measure up to traditional means of raising capital?

Stephen Meade


Mikko Puhakka

Jason E. Barkeloo

Varvara Russkova

Ian Balina


The Ethereum foundation: what's in the pipeline for 2020?

The second largest digital asset in the crypto space is accelerating its development cycle to new heights. Let's dig in.

Virgil Griffith


Change and exchange: solutions to pervasive crypto liquidity challenges

Insufficient liquidity is a well-known challenge for burgeoning markets with a relatively low total market capitalisation. How can exchanges mitigate liquidity risks and protect consumers?

Jimmy Zhao

Kishore Mansinghani


George Zarya

Herbert Sim

Sheldon Xia


Fintech focus: what does the future of financial technology look like?

With the emergence of adaptive solutions to today's needs, financial technology is on a fast-track to new heights. Let's peer into tomorrow's burgeoning tech just on the horizon.

Gene Deyev


DEX trading: expectations and market predictions

How will decentralised exchanges come to bear on the cryptocurrency market and what are the next steps for this fledgling technology?

Mati Greenspan

Monty Munford


Crypto funds, asset management, and custodianship

With easily accessible cryptocurrency-based funds popping up everywhere, it's time to delve into the developing sphere of asset management for retail investors.

Calvin NG

Jorden Woods

Hans Henrik Christensen

Joeri van Geelen

Dan Schatt


One step closer to a cashless society: Machine-to-machine payments and stable coins

Following the onset of ubiquitous, decentralised digital assets, it's safe to say that the distributed economy is truly coming into its own. The question is: how are Western and Eastern fronts intermingling in this budding new space?

Tony Evans

Paul Bao

Bitcherry Foundation Ltd

Jay Liang

Richard Ells

Megan Li

BitDesk Pte Ltd

Bob Qin


On demand on-chain liquidity and market economics

Let's delve into the technical differences between off-chain and on-chain liquidity and how the best in the business can navigate either side of the coin.

Daniel Doll Steinberg

Workshop Room

Room 1 - A.I. & BC for Healthcare expand icon

AI could help detect and eventually prevent diseases, improve access to medical records, and cut costs. Let's look at the positive impact new technologies could have on the healthcare system.


Check the pulse of blockchain & AI in healthcare

Steve Tendon

Maria Marenco

Jenny Creed Geraghty

Dr Jane Thomason


Decentralized data monetization, powered by blockchain

Samantha Nazareth

Greta Attard

Alex Cahana

Heather Leigh Flannery

Rama Rao


Using Blockchain to Improve Dementia Care

Simon Hooper

Room 1 - A.I. & BC for Education & Mass Adoption expand icon

Conference Chair

Martina Fuchs

TV Anchor, Business Journalist

Your invention can be the most innovative, but without adoption it has a limited lifespan. This section will focus on the importance of education for the mass adoption of new technologies.


Blockchain Education: the Chimera on the Bridge of Partial Knowledge

Dr. Joshua Ellul

Gordon Pace


Entrepreneurial mindset in the blockchain field

The importance of using the blockchain technology in real cases and having clients in the traditional business world for improve the mass adoption.

Alfio Bardolla


The new face of Education in the 21st Century

Within the next 10-20 years, education will change considerably. We should see unbundling of education, skills development and ROI focused. Life-long, professional related learning will become the norm with an increasing number of people taking up online courses. Let's dig into it.

Athanasios Ladopoulos


AI & Blockchain: Exploring The Learning Curve

Xenia Vyazemskaya

Dr. Joshua Ellul

Alexiei Dingli

Richard Parris

Jean-Philippe Beaudet


Tokenization of organisations: increasing engagement and efficiency

Alecos Colombo


Utility token regulation inside a NGO

Fabio Coppola


The Superior Stablecoin

Anton Mozgovoy


Blockchain AI Solution to Global Monetary Systems

Sherif Botros


Global currency war: a deep dive into public, private and government-denominated currencies

Mayank Chhabra

Nithin Eapen

Amelia Tomasicchio

Sven Grensemann

Thierry Arys

Room 1 - Conducting a compliant STO: Practical Guide by STOBOX expand icon

Hosted by:



Borys Pikalov


How blockchain can transform capital markets and what will be the broader implications of that?

Gene Deyev

Jay Liang

Borys Pikalov


What are security tokens/digital securities?

Fabien Bouhier

Pavel Brilliant


What are the benefits of raising funds via offering digital securities?

Gene Deyev

Borys Pikalov

Jay Liang


Who are the investors in digital securities?

Gene Deyev


Alena Yudina

Jay Liang


Assessing the feasibility of conducting an STO

Jay Liang

Alena Yudina

Fabien Bouhier




The legal status of digital securities in various jurisdictions


The regulatory landscape of Malta and the role of Malta Digital Innovation Authority in ensuring the high quality of Maltese virtual assets service providers



The rules for securities offerings in various jurisdictions. Exemptions from obligations to publish Prospectus.




Secondary trading of digital securities. Technical and legal aspects

Pavel Brilliant

Fabien Bouhier

Jay Liang

Borys Pikalov


Risks of conducting an STO and how to mitigate them

Room 1 - Investors & Startups expand icon

Hosted by:


Principles of cryptocurrency arbitrage

Let's explore the price differentials between leading coins listed on competing exchanges and delve into the associated trends in this value-driven economy.

Gavin Brown


Facebook Libra, financial markets, and the developing cryptocurrency ecosystem

Zhen Cao


Privacy and security: why does it matter?

Wasim Ahmad


Investor insight: the hottest startups to watch out for in 2020

Jay Liang

Dr. Evan Luthra


The state of Bitcoin: what effect will the May 2020 BTC halving have on the crypto markets?

Patrick Lowry

Alexis Johnson


Next steps: best practices for cryptocurrency adoption

Yuri Cataldo

Steve Good


Token offerings or standard equity? What are the options for raising capital for startups given today's trends?

Valentina Drofa

Stina Ehrensvard

Room 2 - A.I. & BC for Social Impact expand icon


DAOs: The Future of Organizations

Biyan Mienert


Introducing Decentralized Flexible Organizations

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are a huge step forward for the entire Decentralized Ecosystem. MakerDAO is the best example of how powerful is this technology. DFO is an open-source standard to make DAO more flexible and decentralized than ever before. Using the DFO, the community behind a project will be able to add, edit or kill Smart Contract's functionalities and they’ll be able to rule the Front End, using NFTs to store the JS and HTML.

Marco Vasapollo

Alessandro Mario Lagana Toschi


Blockchain Island

Lewis William








Smart Emotions: The Social Disruption

Eloisa Marchesoni


The Power of Blockchain for Social Good

Mamadou Kwidjim Toure


Financial Inclusion in the time of blockchain - A tale from Timor-Leste

Andrea Vinelli

Kenneth Garofalo



Martijn Hekman

Liliana Carrillo

Arnaud Saint-Paul

Jason Dekker

Chris Vassallo


Creating Next-Generation Digital Courses for Learners from ‘Global South’

Using AI to empower Individualized, Collaborative, Socio-Emotional Learning” .

Roy Saurabh


Complimentary Digital Currency as a Political and Economic Development Tool

Xenofon Kontouris


Redesigning Society, Happier

The urgent need to explore new economic systems which better serve humanity's needs. An age of peace, kindness and well-being is just beginning, and you need to be a part of it.

Andy Tulett



Room 2 - Quantum Tech expand icon

The study of the infinitely small is becoming pretty big. From the aspects of quantum bits to the adoption of quantum tech, this session will leave you simultaneously alive & dead - just ask Schrödinger's cat.


Quantum 101: an enterprise approach

Mario Cartia


How to predict chaos

Miro Svetlik


Quantum computing adoption at an industrial level

Mario Cartia

César Rodríguez Rosario

Jason Turner


Keynote by Ingolf Wittman


Tech convergence, blockchain technology and cybersecurity

Andre Xuereb


Quantum communication: an overview

Andre Xuereb


Investment in the future of quantum

Room 2 - Malta Space Strategy and Mining in Space expand icon

Hosted by:



Conference Room

Business & Emerging Tech

From enterprise machine learning algorithms to a blockchain-based Web 3.0 transition, the A.I. & Blockchain Summit covers all the juicy topics in the world of business and emerging technology.


Cybersecurity in the crypto economy: building trust, transparency user safety

Be it personal finance,enterprise-level systemsor the emerging crypto economy, the importance of cybersecurity in the digital age cannot be understated. Let's get the lowdown from one of today's leading security firms.

Vitaly Mzokov


Bringing AI and blockchain into the enterprise ecosystem

Even as AI and blockchain transition towards ubiquity, enterprise decision makers have yet to fully understand how to integrate these technologies into their business. Time to dig in.

Mark Mueller-Eberstein

Fred Almeida

Xiaochen Zhang

Mark Friedler

Yelena Kensborn

The Blockchain opportunity: starting afresh after reaching peak centralisation

Food for thought: an industry expert navigates the cryptocurrency markets for a glimpse into the future of the sector.

Miko Matsumura


Bitcoin halving: bulls lead the way?

With the Bitcoin halving less than 8 months away, what should hodlers and enthusiasts watch for in the run up?

Richard Heart


Falling for deep learning: designing systems that detect and optimise human error

Skill-based human errors can have catastrophic consequences. How do we implement adequate risk-management efforts to aid human processes?

David Sachs

Toufi Saliba

Alexiei Dingli

Stephen Meade

Mark Shmulevich


A.I. is good and human stupidity is bad

Popular culture like to tease the idea that super intelligence is going to be bad for humanity. Angelo argues that human stupidity is bad, not AI.

Angelo Dalli


Accelerating mass adoption through Cinema

Miguel Francis Santiago


Data is the new oil, but what do we do with it?

Passive data aggregation is the norm, but what should companies do with it to maximise their verticals?

Johann Eid

Miguel Francis Santiago

Josh Lawler

Ethan Ng


A nuanced fundraising mechanism for tech startups

Decentralised autonomous trusts (DAT) promise to overcome key challenges for A.I. & Blockchain startups. Let's explore Malta's leadership role in this exciting era.

Zach Piester


Emerging economies, credibility crises and cryptocurrency

Blockchain's value proposition becomes even more pertinent when seen in light of emerging economies. The question is: will it solve today's credibility crises?

Jarred Winn

Juergen Hoebarth

Wassim Alsindi

Anna Pelova


Bringing AI development into human-machine ethics

Only when we understand our our actions as intelligent, autonomous agents can we effectively design the right machine learning systems. Let's delve into XAI notions of AI and beyond.

Yorick Wilks


Ethical implications of AI development on modern life

Given the exponential increase in computing power and robust artificial intelligence systems, an ethical AI strategy is eminently desirable.

Angelo Dalli

Yorick Wilks

Dhanonjoy Mishra

Wesley Ellul


Research and development: trends to looks for, pitfalls to avoid

Whether it's the use of chat bots for institutions and services or the transformation of healthcare data into actionable information, AI is clearly changing our daily lives. But what of the downsides?

Michael Herman

Jouko Ahvenainen

Mike Yezhov

Henry Duong

Biyan Mienert


Merging financial markets with crypto trading

Let’s take a look at how trading of tokenized assets such as stocks and ETFs can be transformed into a streamlined experience through XRP Ledger technology.

Bob Ras


AI-DAOs: communities that build intelligence

Autonomous computaion running on decentralised infrastructure is here. How does AI come to bear on emerging intelligent systems?

Dimitri De Jonghe

Tech Startup Pitch

15 Coins with the most promising crypto and/or blockchain projects will pitch on stage in front of established entrepreneurs and savvy investors . Set your sights on the moon and battle it out in a shark-tank environment with some tough love from a select panel of stern judges.

The Innovation Edge

Hosted by:

Truly transformative solutions to large-scale problems are created when different people are brought together to make what would otherwise be considered unusual connections. Let's take a deep dive into the world changing applications of A.I. and blockchain technology.


Financial inclusion and DeFi

How does the concept of decentralised finance differ from traditional models, and where is this space going in the next 5 to 10 years? Let's get the lowdown from an industry thought leader.

Max Kantelia


Unleashing economic opportunity: one Africa; one coin

The world's largest emerging market is on the fast-track for innovation and financial growth. Let's dive into the crypto project leading the charge.



Social use-cases: blockchain for emerging economies

Developing countries like India, Kenya and others in East Africa are discovering an array of applications for blockchain that promises a secure, peer-to-peer mechanism for verifying information. Let's dig in.

Jillian Godsil

Jose Alejandro Regojo

H.E. Khurram Shroff


Satoshi Vision: How Bitcoin's original design creates honest commerce

Scalability and financial stability go hand in hand with Satoshi's vision. It's time for the expert to demystify the abstraction.

Craig S. Wright


Next steps: best practices for cryptocurrency adoption

Some say the cryptocurrency space is undergoing a heavy accumulation phase under the radar. The question is: what are the next steps for widespread adoption and usage?

Yuri Cataldo


Long Bitcoin short the banks: AMA with Anthony Pompliano

It's time to rattle the cages as Anthony Pompliano takes centre stage. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Jessica Walker

Anthony Pompliano


Australia update: next steps from the land down under

How is Australia taking the lead when it comes to building real value in the blockchain space? Let's delve into developments from this key player in the industry.

David Jackson

Bridie Ohlsson

Lucy Lin

Omar Hannoun

George Samman


The innovation edge: 21st century startups and world changing ideas

It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without necessarily accepting it. Let's take a look at the seed-stage ideas of tomorrow, today.

Alemsah Ozturk

Federico Tai

Rami Al Karmi

Ali Kassab

Wasim Ahmad


Blockchain bounties: Effecting Change and Empowering People

Simona Pop


Governance through transparency and active participation

Community-driven governance is becoming ever-more prevalent in today's underlying systems and infrastructure. Let's hear this call to action from an industry expert.

Eduardo Javier Muñoz


Rethinking public services in light of blockchain technology

Blockchain's open source and distributed nature is blurring the lines between private and public sector services. How can we improve public services and organisation given this reality?

Eduardo Javier Muñoz

Liliana Carrillo

Alfio Bardolla

Jan-Peter Doomernik

Lewis William


Next steps: web 3.0 to empower businesses and startups

The semantic Web 3.0 is just around the corner, but what is it and how should enterprises prepare for the inevitable shift?

J.D. Seraphine

Yuval Halevi

Marie Tatibouet

Marina Petrichenko


Trust by design: censorship resistant DAOs and decentralised AI in 21st century business

Whether it's inadequate management or bad faith business, a new wave of cesnsorship-resistant blockchains such as Ethereum and Aion are set to create organisations with no points of failure.

Alessandro Biancini

Alessandro Mario Lagana Toschi


A burgeoning DAO landscape: case studies in decentralised governance

Decentralised autonomous organisation

Grace Rachmany


At loggerheads? Fintech vs DeFi

Blockchain is revolutionising the payment space as transaction protocols and intermediaries like Swift, Visa and Mastercard begin to feel the heat. As entrants with new operational models hit the market, where does this leave traditional finance?

José Maria Macedo

Chionh Chye Kit

Thomas J. Stieger

Kyle Chassé

Pavel Matveev


Bitcoin SV: Massive scaling to be the global enterprise blockchain

Jimmy Nguyen

Workshop Room

Room 1 - DAO Leadership expand icon


DAO Leadership

This workshop is for leaders and participants in decentralized and distributed organizations. The first half of the workshop will focus on communications and relationships. While our focus is on DAOs, the skillset is applicable to any organization or company. During the second half of the workshop, we will address dealing with remote and multi-cultural teams. Exercises will boost the participants’ ability to make powerful requests, align expectations when requests are made of them, and more effectively delegate work among co-workers. The goals of the powerful workshop include:
  1. Everyone has a breakthrough in communication with at least 1 critical relationship at work (with an individual or a team)
  2. Each participant has newfound ease around communications
  3. Participants are able to apply new tools and paradigms to making requests and delegating to others
  4. Participants acquire tools and formats for collaborative decision-making that they can use in their organizations
The content will be immersive, engaging and above all, actionable immediately upon your return to business. Topics covered will include:
  • Warm-up exercise for creating group affinity and ground rules
  • Setting standards as a group. Handling disruptions. Aligning a culture
  • How do mindsets affect our communications and why has nobody ever taught you that?
  • Failures of delegation: examples of failures of delegation & source of miscommunications
  • Bridging cross-cultural gaps. Clear communications
  • Tools for collaboration. Creative brainstorming without the suppression of ideas
  • How will this impact your work right away?

Grace Rachmany

Alex Dower

Room 1 - A.I. & BC for Cyber Security expand icon

Conference Chair

Martina Fuchs

TV Anchor, Business Journalist

Hosted by:

Security on the web will be revolutionised by blockchain. Let's hear what the thought leaders driving this industry have to say.


Driverless car: cybersecurity, sensors, forensics and risk analysis approach

The future is cybersecurity in IoT area. The driverless cars are entering in our market very fast and they are already a reality on the ground. Are you sure you remember the cars’ evolution from the very beginning through the cars of today?

Antonio Mauro


Blockchain Enabled Cybersecurity

In today’s ever-changing world, the promise of AI & blockchain technology is enabling a new realm of possibilities for cyber security, let's dig into it. Eric Egnet

Eric Egnet


Cyber Sec In Exchanges & Tokens

Jean-Michel Azzopardi

Professor Wang Yongge

Oliver Marco La Rosa

Anton Dalli

Johan Ditz K



Our work at Microsoft Research focuses on providing free to use for prediction machine learning models stored in smart contracts. We define several incentive mechanisms to encourage high quality data contributions to update these shared models on a public blockchain. Through this new framework, participants can collaboratively and continually train and maintain models, as well as build datasets, on public blockchains, where models are generally free to use for evaluating predictions.

Justin Harris


Guardians of Cybersecurity

Both blockchain and AI are the new-age, disruptive technologies dominating next decade in cybersecurity. We will learn on how to capitalize on the attributes of these technologies to make your business and operations future-ready. With the end of passwords, AI will create new twilight zone of Identity and Access Management.

Sachin Narode


Regulation of Cyber Security in Blockchain Space

Jean-Michel Azzopardi

Donald Tabone

Dr. Joseph F. Borg

Paul Caruana Turner

Xander van der Heijden


Phish Test and Teach Your Organization



Jean-Michel Azzopardi

Room 1 - A.I. & BC for Retail & Property expand icon

Conference Chair

Martina Fuchs

TV Anchor, Business Journalist

Blockchain is shaking up the real estate industry, enabling the democratisation of property and making the process faster and smoother, let's dig in.


Conciliating Immutability with Upgradability in Ethereum

Adrian Niculescu


Democratization of real estate

Yael Tamar


Lifting the lid on Pandora's box of digital currencies

The rise of digital currencies have started to cause cracks in traditional finance models. With governments keeping a close eye on developments - who will be the first to peek inside Pandora's box?

Yael Tamar

Dhananjay Singh

Hargittay Szabolcs

Aibek Amandanov


Transforming a Digital Generation

How the Economic and Legal Implications of Blockchain Will Reshape Society

Tokenizing Real estate properties

Masha Vyazemskaya

Mohanned Halawani

Asaf Fybish

Alan Tonetti



Andrea Romaoli


How listing or IEO on Crypto Exchanges will help retailers

Sergei Khitrov


Coming full circle - managing supply chain

Eric Sciberras

Dr. Denise De Gaetano

Nathan Williams

Nita Sanger

Room 1 - A.I. & BC for Art & Design expand icon

Emerging technology such as AI and blockchain has drawn new life into the traditional art industry. From AI-created paintings, to intellectual property data storage, the art world is a fast-changing landscape. Don't miss out.


New cinema for Blockchain implementation into Socio-economic growth

Miguel Francis Santiago


How blockchain can protect intellectual rights

Dr. Pandwe Gibson

Maria Carola

Sergio Stephano


Blockchain and Cinema: Developments, Opportunities, Challenges

Patrice Poujol


Redefining the Artist to Audience Relationship Using Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

Steve Dryall


AI Making Art

Angelo Dalli


Design Principles Behind EMURGO & Blockchain

Marta Ryzhok

Room 1 - Big Data expand icon

Big Data is a big deal. Pursuing an ethical direction will be essential for the sustainability of societies, let's explore the opportunities that stem from such an approach.


The value of data and the ethical problems

Alyze Sam

John David Marshall

Sander Venema

Annie Machon


Data and new technologies: focus on blockchain and AI

Jean-Philippe Beaudet


Data breaches, abuse and regulations: How big tech is addressing

Nikolai Timofejev


Bryan Eldridge


Censorship, Data intelligence/security intersection and government policies

Annie Machon


Fake news; Responsible journalism

Stefania Barbaglio

Felix Herrmann

Altcoin Sara

Room 2 - A.I. & BC for Energy expand icon

From energy tokenization to energy data provenance, and from peer-to-peer energy trading models to renewable investments. Discover how we can all benefit from the impact blockchain will have on the energy industry.


How P2P energy grids are the future of renewables ?

Matthew Kaye


Tokenising Energy

Incentivising energy efficiency and changing people's mindsets to adopt energy saving and “green” behaviours –  I will confirm on this description soon, just waiting for a response from Omar who is currently in America on business.

Omar Rahim


Navigating the geopolitical landscape to reduce carbon emissions

Hugo Jacques



Dr. Pandwe Gibson

Ann Shin



Room 2- Distributed Economy by BitDesk and BitCherry expand icon

Hosted by:


Welcome Remarks

Jay Liang


The Future of Distributed E-Commerce

Ender Xu


The Public Chain of Distributed E-Commerce

Bob Qin


The Impact of Distributed E-commerce on World Economic Development

Jay Liang

Ender Xu

Bob Qin


The Application of Distributed E-Commerce


Closing Remarks

Room 2 - Think. Code. BUIDL expand icon

Bring your laptop, stretch your fingers and be ready to code smart contracts from scratch. Are you ready to BUIDL the future?


Coding Class

Alexander Borodich

Room 2 - Blockchain Advisory expand icon

Hosted by:



Jonathan Galea

Blockchain Advisory

DeFi: a new era of financing

Mark Mueller-Eberstein


EU vs. US: The battle of security tokens Gordon Einstein

Tzahi Kanza


Banking on Blockchain Mark Scicluna Bartoli



Jonathan Galea

Blockchain Advisory

The Travel Rule and other AML conundra

Adam Vaziri


To keep or not to keep: The rise of crypto custodians


Systems Auditing: An overview

Anton Dalli


How secure is secure? The importance of cyber-security

Antonio Mauro



Anton Dalli

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