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The same way poles oppose and compliment each other, so too could blockchain and artificial intelligence. As the IOT (internet of things) is setting us up for a revolution of connectivity, the advent of decentralised blockchain and centralised artificial intelligence could take societal organisation to a new level.

As demonstrated by IBM’s India Lab, food supply chain processes could be overhauled, accounting for everything from farming to the grocery store. IoT sensors on harvest fields could also provide the bedrock for innovative and efficient farming insurance that takes severe weather into account. In the pharmaceutical sector, medicine storage climates on the blockchain could optimise delivery conditions.

The social ramifications, particularly in emerging economies, are massive. Let’s discuss the social impact of these technologies together

Conference Room

AI Startup Pitch

10 AI Startups with innovative projects will pitch on stage in front of established entrepreneurs and savvy investors. Set your sights on the moon and battle it out in a shark-tank environment with some tough love from a select panel of stern judges.

AI: Regulation Update

Artificial Intelligence is taking on a whole new meaning. Technological leaps are making headway into every aspect of our society, from education and finance to health and arts, and everything in between. Some say it's inevitable that humans will outource aspects of decision making to machines. The question is whether this step will be confined to closed systems or general decision making.

Since the latter is a possibility, the magnitude of both ethical and practical implications is hard to quantify. As such, regulators and government bodies are keen on directing AI's development in a sustainable manner. How does one ensure a responsible approach to AI safety, security and accountability in the event that the singularity becomes undeniable? Let's find out together.

AI: World Changing Applications

Artificial Intelligence is evolving. Some believe the expectation AI taking over decision-making processes is not only reasonable, but inexorable.

Presently, human autonomy still surpasses projects that purport to be developing artificial general intelligence (AIG). However, tomorrow's science fiction could be today's innovation. With AI applications like self-driving cars, individualised voice-command recognition, the advent of robotic surgery and more, AI is already changing our world. Let’s discuss this further.

Workshop Room

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Conference Room

Blockchain: Regulation Update

Meet top speakers and the world’s leading legal minds who are set to discuss potential legal frameworks for distributed ledger technologies and crypto currencies.

Malta pushed the envelope with regards to Blockchain regulation in 2018, but looming challenges are just around the corner and some questions remain unanswered:
• How does one regulate a network that has nodes distributed across the globe?
• Can governing bodies code regulation into smart contracts moving forward?
• What effect would this have on the underlying principle of democratised authority?
• Moving into an emerging dynamic landscape, how do governments protect investors eager on entering the speculative markets of STOs and ICOs?

It's time to follow through on Blockchain 2018's regulatory prowess and explore 2019!

Blockchain: World Changing Applications

An immutable value transfer system such as Bitcoin is just the beginning.

Peer-to-peer voting systems provide transparency to the whole electoral process. Real estate platforms can allow anyone to buy and sell properties while enjoying the benefits of clear transparency and security. The services sector is also in the midst of an overhaul. Users should soon be able to take control of their online data, alleviating concerns surrounding centralised authorities such as Facebook and Google.

As the world moves into a new era of interconnectivity, discussion is the only thing that can quench our insatiable curiosity - at least temporarily.

STO Battle

15 STO's with the most promising crypto and/or blockchain projects will pitch on stage in front of established entrepreneurs and savvy investors . Set your sights on the moon and battle it out in a shark-tank environment with some tough love from a select panel of stern judges.

Workshop Room

AI & BC for Energy expand icon

Is a distributed power grid the inevitable future? If the energy sector moved towards a two-way electric system comprised of billions of interconnected end points, microgrids, smart appliances and solar energy systems, then could blockchain be used to track the flow of electrons and decentralise the energy market? The possibility exists, but the system is up for grabs. It's time to examine the details.

AI & BC for Entertainment & Marketing expand icon

Centralised websites like Youtube and Twitch have stripped cable networks and studios of their prime media positions.
However, these titan websites and high-quality entertainment mediums operate by a largely centralised model. In a decentralised network, content creators needn't worry about gatekeepers throttling or denying their medium.
Projects such as Steemit and LivePeer have taken the initiative in this regard, but more is sure to come in such a rapidly evolving space.

AI & BC for Healthcare expand icon

The healthcare industry is drowning in data - clinical trials, patient medical records, complex billing, research and more. Being notorious for its administrative inefficiencies, particularly when transferring patient data across private healthcare providers, can data-handling be streamlined across the industry while ensuring increased security and privacy? Now is the time to discuss.

AI & BC for Payments, Banking & Finance expand icon

Satoshi Nakamoto might have made a mistake when referring to Bitcoin as electronic cash in the 2009 whitepaper.
In fact, Bitcoin is both a digital payments system as well as a store of value that transfer traditionally third-party responsibilities from banks and corporations to individuals.
While this innovation is incredible, problems such as "next of kin" issues, human forgetfulness and a plethora of other points of concern mean that a middle-ground or prolonged transitionary period is very likely.
The future is with us, but the devil is in the details. It's time to understand them and discuss a way forward.

AI & BC for Retail & Property expand icon

The dependance on third-party verifiers in property markets may be at an end.
As its intended use, the blockchain could act as an innovative, trustless safety-net that ensures both parties keep their end of the deal - reducing the risk of fraud in the process. By using a distributed database to prove authenticity, home owners could transfer ownership through a DLT-network, reducing costs as a consequence. The rental space could also be affected, as agents and buyers will be able to make use of an incorruptible resource that secures data by ensuring digital ownership.
This transformation wouldn't happen over night, but one can see how families and individuals would benefit as property innovations came to fruition. Let's discuss.

AI & BC for Transport & Logistics expand icon

From conflict resolution to administrative efficiency and order tracking, blockchain holds the key to problems that have been plaguing the transport and logistics industry for decades. Let's explore some of these issues.

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