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Compliance & Regulation

What could A.I. rights and responsibilities look like? From blockchain regulation to DAO Governance, we're asking all the big questions.


Welcoming remarks

Beverly Tonna

Blockchain Advisory

When two worlds meet: exploring micro and macro regulatory perspectives

Friction between local and global regulatory end-goals is clear in today's regulatory landscape. Let's explore this dividing line and how both blockchain and artificial intelligence could facilitate both ends of the spectrum.

Fintech, payment solutions and compliance

With the introduction of the European PSD2 directive, fintech giants are more able to push the envelope within the payment space. How can regulatory bodies cater for an evolving space that is moving away from traditional finance?

Stephen McCarthy

Kenneth Farrugia

Josef Cachia

David Martin


Blockchain capital formation for the masses

The SEC has allowed a venture to raise $50 million from a security public sale following the Blockstack filing. Let's delve into how Reg A+ STOs are now a reality.

Gordon Einstein


Keynote by Hon. Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat

The Prime Minister of Malta elucidates his thoughts on this fast-developing sphere.

Hon. Joseph Muscat


The Philippines: a proactive regulatory approach for Blockchain technology

Visionaries welcome change and innovation with open arms. It's time to ge the lowdown on the Asian front.

Keynote by Hon. Silvio Schembri

The Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation considers the impact of this thriving industry on the A.I. & Blockchain Island.

Embracing emerging technology at a stage level

Change is inevitable. Let's take a look at the careful and considered approach taken by today's leading iGaming jurisdictions.

Hon. Silvio Schembri


Technation: Malta's regulatory update

Malta has positioned itself as a focal point for business and trade in the digital era. How does regulation work as a means of attracting foreign direct investment?

Benjamin Griscti

Dr. Joseph F. Borg

Anthony David Gatt

Jackie Scerri


Rights and responsibilities: How should we regulate artificial general intelligence?

The prospect of artificial general intelligence poses significant opportunities and challenges for enforcers and regulators. Let the drill down content begin.

David Orban

Angelo Dalli


Malta leads the way: the DLT Regulatory Framework

What has happened since Malta launched its world-renowned DLT regulatory Framework? Let's find out.

Jonathan Galea

Beverly Tonna

Blockchain Advisory

A world First : giving DAO its legal personality

After setting up a complete DLT regulatory framework last year, Malta is set to launch its fourth bill that will give DAO its own legal personality. Watch this space.

Steve Tendon


The DAO spectrum: transparency, efficiency and liability

Let's explore the differences and similarities among today's deployed DAOs. How do DAOs address the gab between innovation and consumer protection?

A.I. Start-up Pitch

10 AI Startups with innovative projects will pitch on stage in front of established entrepreneurs and savvy investors. Set your sights on the moon and battle it out in a shark-tank environment with some tough love from a select panel of stern judges.


A.I. Start-up Pitch

The Future of Fintech

Hosted by:


Crypto economics: a $500 trillion market?

Crypto economics is all the rage in the realm of digital currencies. Let's get into the specifics about liquidity, fungibility, and transparency in this new and evolving market.

Brock Pierce


Fintech focus: reigniting the technology arms race

Let's take a look at the state of the industry as the fintech arms race goes into full swing.

Taccogna Federica


Do's and dont's: the changing face of financial crime

Financial damage from crypto-related fraud has reached $2.3 billion, which is nothing compared the estimated $2.1 trillion in cyber hacking, dark web activities and other pervasive fiat-based risk factors in the 21st century. The gloves are off!

Sonia Goklani


Money over IP, coin privacy, and the crypto arms race

The onset of money over the internet has opened the floodgates to evolving standards around privacy in light of recent ECB proposals. Let's dig in.

Showdown: Who is the real Satoshi?

Break out your pitchforks as the Malta AI & BC summit goes out of its way to shed light on the Satoshi Nakamoto identiy debacle.

Craig S. Wright

Jimmy Nguyen

Bobby Lee

Monty Munford


Blockchain interoperability: out with the old, in with the new

How do we facilitate communication between legacy financial systems and decentralised blockchain-based exchanges?

Vahid Toosi

Mike Kane


Redefining investment vehicles: STOs - IPOs - IEOs

We're in the process of overhauling the venture capital climate. How do today's nuanced investment vehicles measure up to traditional means of raising capital?

Stephen Meade


Mikko Puhakka

Jason E. Barkeloo

Varvara Russkova

Ian Balina


The Blockchain Dilemma: Scalability at the expense of decentralisation

How do we develop a blockchain that offers scalability and security without compromising one for the other?

Alexander Borodich


The Ethereum foundation: what's in the pipeline for 2020?

The second largest digital asset in the crypto space is accelerating its development cycle to new heights. Let's dig in.

Virgil Griffith


The fourth industrial revolution: enterprise Ethereum coming into its own

Enterprise Ethereum is set to streamline financial markets, manage supply chains and create new business models for secure, scalable and flexible business models. Let's hear it from the experts

Tony Evans


Distributed problems: the rise of blockchain malware

While AI and blockchain are poised to change how we think about cybersecurity and authenticity, bad actors will always find a way to exploit the darker side of any technology. It's time to close this knowledge gap.

At loggerheads? Fintech vs DeFi

Blockchain is revolutionising the payment space as transaction protocols and intermediaries like Swift, Visa and Mastercard begin to feel the heat. As entrants with new operational models hit the market, where does this leave traditional finance?

Jon Matonis


Crypto funds, asset management, and custodianship

With easily accessible cryptocurrency-based funds popping up everywhere, it's time to delve into the developing sphere of asset management for retail investors.

Adam Todd

Calvin NG

Kenneth Farrugia


Financial services: a nuanced approach towards asset management

The financial services industry is flexing its muscles. How are digital asset management and custodian services changing to reflect this change?

Gene Deyev


Facebook's Libra, Bitcoin's lightning network or the DAO protocol?

As tech giants recalibrate their initial distaste for crypto into new business verticals, let's analyse the pros and cons of their offerings against the industry gold standard and other contenders.

George Paliani

Eric Wall


On demand on-chain liquidity and market economics

Let's delve into the technical differences between off-chain and on-chain liquidity and how the best in the business can navigate either side of the coin.

Daniel Doll Steinberg

Workshop Room

Room 1 - A.I. & BC for Healthcare expand icon

AI could help detect and eventually prevent diseases, improve access to medical records, and cut costs. Let's look at the positive impact new technologies could have on the healthcare system.



Room 1 - DAO Building expand icon


DAO Leadership

Grace Rachmany

Alex Dower

Room 1 - Quantum Tech expand icon

The study of the infinitely small is becoming pretty big. From the aspects of quantum bits to the adoption of quantum tech, this session will leave you simultaneously alive & dead - just ask Schrödinger's cat.

Room 1 - A.I. & BC for Education & Mass Adoption expand icon

Your invention can be the most innovative, but without adoption it has a limited lifespan. This section will focus on the importance of education for the mass adoption of new technologies.


The Superior Stablecoin

Anton Mozgovoy


The new face of Education in the 21st Century

Within the next 10-20 years, education will change considerably. We should see unbundling of education, skills development and ROI focused. Life-long, professional related learning will become the norm with an increasing number of people taking up online courses. Let's dig into it.

Athanasios Ladopoulos


Tokenization of organisations: increasing engagement and efficiency

Alecos Colombo


Utility token regulation inside a NGO

Fabio Coppola


Entrepreneurial mindset in the blockchain field

The importance of using the blockchain technology in real cases and having clients in the traditional business world for improve the mass adoption.

Alfio Bardolla

Room 2 - Think. Code. BUIDL expand icon

Bring your laptop, stretch your fingers and be ready to code smart contracts from scratch. Are you ready to BUIDL the future?


Coding Class

Alexander Borodich

Room 2 - Investors & Startups expand icon

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Room 2 - Blockchain Advisory expand icon

Hosted by:




ICOs, IEOs, IDOs… what’s next?


EU vs US – the battle on security tokens


DeFi: a new era of financing


The travel rule and other AML conundra


To keep or not to keep – the rise of crypto custodians


Systems Auditing: an overview


How secure is secure? The importance of cybersecurity



Conference Room

Business & Emerging Tech

From enterprise machine learning algorithms to a blockchain-based Web 3.0 transition, the A.I. & Blockchain Summit covers all the juicy topics in the world of business and emerging technology.


Data is the new oil, but what do we do with it?

Passive data aggregation is the norm, but what should companies do with it to maximise their verticals?

Bringing A.I. into the enterprise ecosystem

Even as A.I. technology moves into common use, enterprise decision makers have yet to fully understand how to integrate it into their business. Time to dig in.

Mark Mueller-Eberstein


The state of automated technologies in the digital era

Which technologies are ready for business and mass adoption, and how should companies organise themselves given the state of automation in the 21st century?

Toufi Saliba


Post-production: exploring droids and human relationships

Tech gadgets are seducing us into new types of relationships. But what kinds of relationship can you have with a machine? It’s complicated, but let's find out.

Noel Sharkey


Artificial General Intelligence: fact or fiction?

Fasten your seatbelts as industry leaders don their philosophical hats to put their wits to the test.

Theory into practice: self-writing databases for business

Human-generated knowledge bases like Wikipedia have incredible precision but poor recall. Let's delve into the facts about self-updating information.

The impact of AI on cyber crime

Instead of hiding behind a mask to rob a bank, criminals now hide behind artificial intelligence. On the flipside, institutions can also combat this trend by deploying their own AI.

Angelo Dalli


A nuanced fundraising mechanism for tech startups

Decentralised autonomous trusts (DAT) promise to overcome key challenges for A.I. & Blockchain startups. Let's explore Malta's leadership role in this exciting era.

Zach Piester


Emerging economies, credibility crises and cryptocurrency

Blockchain's value proposition becomes even more pertinent when seen in light of emerging economies. The question is: will it solve today's credibility crises?

Robert Rhodin


Intelligent automation: the next wave of enterprise productivity

The gap between ambition and execution is set to get much narrower with AI's limitless applications. What are the next steps for autonomous processes in the workplace?

Falling for deep learning: designing systems that detect and optimise human error

Skill-based human errors can have catastrophic consequences. How do we implement adequate risk-management efforts to aid human processes?

David Sachs

Toufi Saliba


Digital transformation and the power of APIs

Low-barrier-to-entry APIs are the key to increasing productivity in an interconnected ecosystem. Let's shed some light on the folks behind the scenes that make it all possible.

Research and development: trends to looks for, pitfalls to avoid

Whether it's the use of chat bots for institutiosn and services or the transformation of healthcare data into actionable information, AI is clearly changing our daily lives. But what of the downsides?

Michael Herman

Coin Battle

15 Coins with the most promising crypto and/or blockchain projects will pitch on stage in front of established entrepreneurs and savvy investors . Set your sights on the moon and battle it out in a shark-tank environment with some tough love from a select panel of stern judges.

The Innovation Edge

Hosted by:

Truly transformative solutions to large-scale problems are created when different people are brought together to make what would otherwise be considered unusual connections. Let's take a deep dive into the world changing applications of A.I. and blockchain technology.


Principles of cryptocurrency arbitrage

Let's explore the price differentials between leading coins listed on competing exchanges and delve into the associated trends in this value-driven economy.

Gavin Brown


The transformative nature of unconfiscatable currency

Whether it's faster and cheaper transfers, low-cost remittances or simply unleashing the power of e-commerce, digital currencies are changing the game entirely.

Investor insight: blockchain for emerging economies

Developing countries like India, Kenya and others in East Africa are discovering an array of applications for blockchain that promises a secure, peer-to-peer mechanism for verifying information. Let's dig in.

Jillian Godsil

Michelle Mone


Mass adoption: when Facebook Libra, Bitcoin and Ethereum collide

What happens when giant corporations take on projects which they once so virulently opposed? Let's dive into the 180 degree turn and find out.

Joel Comm


Next steps: decentralised finance meets fintech

The decentralised financial ecosystem aims to tackle key infrastructural challenges in finance. Will this prototype succeed where others have failed?

Bitcoin: the Internet currency that wipes the floor with fiat

Fasten your seatbelts as the legendary Tim Draper addresses the looming financial revolution that's just within an arm's reach.

Tim Draper


How can we reconcile blockchain security with rampant hacks?

Over $15 billion have been stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges. How do we ramp up security to mitigate these risks?

Pushing the envelope: how will A.I. hit the job market?

Whether it's the onset of driverless cars or automated chat bots, the job market is clearly undergoing a paradigm shift. It's time for industry experts to demystify the abstraction.

Stephen M. Meade


Blockchain bounties: Effecting Change and Empowering People

Simona Pop


How we can create new governance and controversy resolution lead by pairs over transparency and active participation.

Eduardo Javier Muñoz


Governance, competition and democracy

The onset of digital currencies will invariably impact governmental control over their populations. To what extent will this blur the lines between public and private sector?

Utilising blockchain technology to empower people

Blockchain represents a ground-up approach to transition people out of poverty. To this tune, DLT could cut costs by up to 80% while ensuring full transparency. Let's dig into this win-win scenario.

How Censorship Resistant DAOs, DEFI and Decentralized AI are designing a new international state trustable by design.

The evolution of GAS-based censorship resistant Blockchains like ETH, AION Polkadot etc, how they're disrupting finance, interoperability. Why AI can be better trusting Decentralized Data, in ethics therms and in tech therms. How DAOs will be the next wave of censorship resistant companies, totally trustable without any points of failure or illicit management. How DAOs could be a tool to manage super intelligences in the future of Decentralized AI algorithms if it'll work like smart contracts.

Alessandro Biancini

Alessandro Mario Lagana Toschi


Financial inclusion: a dreamer's pipe dream or an imminent reality?

Workshop Room

Room 1 - A.I. & BC for Retail & Property expand icon

Blockchain is shaking up the real estate industry, enabling the democratisation of property and making the process faster and smoother, let's dig in.


Conciliating Immutability with Upgradability in Ethereum

Adrian Niculescu


Democratization of real estate

Yael Tamar


Lifting the lid on Pandora's box of digital currencies

The rise of digital currencies have started to cause cracks in traditional finance models. With governments keeping a close eye on developments - who will be the first to peek inside Pandora's box?

Room 1 - A.I. & BC for Energy expand icon

From energy tokenization to energy data provenance, and from peer-to-peer energy trading models to renewable investments. Discover how we can all benefit from the impact blockchain will have on the energy industry.


Tokenising Energy

Incentivising energy efficiency and changing people's mindsets to adopt energy saving and “green” behaviours –  I will confirm on this description soon, just waiting for a response from Omar who is currently in America on business.

Omar Rahim









Room 1 - A.I. & BC for Cyber Security expand icon

Security on the web will be revolutionised by blockchain. Let's hear what the thought leaders driving this industry have to say.


Guardians of Cybersecurity

Both blockchain and AI are the new-age, disruptive technologies dominating next decade in cybersecurity. We will learn on how to capitalize on the attributes of these technologies to make your business and operations future-ready. With the end of passwords, AI will create new twilight zone of Identity and Access Management.

Sachin Narode


Blockchain Enabled Cybersecurity

In today’s ever-changing world, the promise of AI & blockchain technology is enabling a new realm of possibilities for cyber security, let's dig into it. Eric Egnet

Eric Egnet


Cyber Sec In Exchanges & Tokens



Our work at Microsoft Research focuses on providing free to use for prediction machine learning models stored in smart contracts. We define several incentive mechanisms to encourage high quality data contributions to update these shared models on a public blockchain. Through this new framework, participants can collaboratively and continually train and maintain models, as well as build datasets, on public blockchains, where models are generally free to use for evaluating predictions.

Justin Harris


Driverless car: cybersecurity, sensors, forensics and risk analysis approach

The future is cybersecurity in IoT area. The driverless cars are entering in our market very fast and they are already a reality on the ground. Are you sure you remember the cars’ evolution from the very beginning through the cars of today?

Antonio Mauro


Regulation of Cyber Security in Blockchain Space


Phish Test and Teach Your Organization



Room 1 - A.I. & BC for Art & Design expand icon

Emerging technology such as AI and blockchain has drawn new life into the traditional art industry. From AI-created paintings, to intellectual property data storage, the art world is a fast-changing landscape. Don't miss out.


How blockchain can protect intellectual rights


AI Making Art

Angelo Dalli


Music on Blockchain

Room 1 - Malta Space Strategy and Mining in Space expand icon

Hosted by:



Room 2 - A.I. & BC for Social Impact expand icon




DAOs: The Future of Organizations

Biyan Mienert

Room 2 - Big Data expand icon

Big Data is a big deal. Pursuing an ethical direction will be essential for the sustainability of societies, let's explore the opportunities that stem from such an approach.

Data and new technologies: focus on blockchain and AI

Jean-Philippe Beaudet


The value of data and the ethical problems

John David Marshall


Data breaches, abuse and regulations: how big tech are dealing with it


Censorship, Data intelligence/security intersection and government policies

Annie Machon


Fake news; Responsible journalism

Stefania Barbaglio

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