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Blockchain, which is the most prominent form of DLT, is envisioned to revolutionize human society over the coming decades in ways yet unimagined. The theme of this year’s blockchain hackathon will, for competitive reasons, be announced on the day.  Decentralized, as well as distributed solutions, will be considered. The winning team will be decided by a panel of judges based on the originality, feasibility, interoperability and benefits of their initiative.



Participants can enroll as a team or as individuals; all participating members will be put in teams, so that those applying as individuals will be grouped together or assigned to existing teams. Make sure to apply by the 15th of September 2018, to avoid disappointment. Applicants will be contacted regarding admission results within one month from the application.


Individual Application

Apply individually and we will match you with existing teams that are looking for more team members.

Team Application

Join the hackathon by applying with a complete team through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Team+ Application

Join the hackathon by applying with an incomplete team and we will match your team with individual applications.



Every team needs to comprise of 4-8 people led by a team leader. It is also necessary to have an original idea. We will only select the best teams for participation.


The minimum requirements for a team are the following:

Two developers (ideally one smart contract developer) UX / UI designer Business / enterprise / software architect Assigned project leader (can be any one of the above) Lots of positive energy and creativity!


The exact agenda will be issued at a later date. We are looking forward to an exciting hackathon!

Hackathon Mentors

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Mikhail Savchenko

CTO At ChronoBank

Born with a ZX Spectrum in his hand, Mike is a veteran programmer with more than 20 years experience of software development, security and cryptography. His CV includes an MBA in IT Project Management and he has applied his skills to blockchain development since the early days of bitcoin. Most recently, he won a fintech hackathon at which he presented a trusted document exchange based on IPFS and Ethereum.

Mihai Cimpoesu

PhD, Chief Engineer - Mattereum

Mihai is a dedicated and business-oriented computer scientist and winner of the 2015 London Fintech Week blockchain hackathon. He is contracted as a blockchain developer for Thomspon Reuters, Founder of the blockchain development studio DLTLAB and Chief Engineer at Mattereum, a legal-technical interface connecting digital assets on the blockchain with goods and services in the material world.

Gege Gatt

Digital Entrepreneur & Lawyer, CEO - EBO

Gege is an innovative and results-driven leader and entrepreneur active in the highly competitive ICT environments. He is experienced in driving product, project, process and customer service improvements while building partnerships with key business decision-makers. Currently, he serves as CEO for EBO, Partner & Director at ICON, and Vice President at the Malta IT Law Association.

Dean Demellweek


Dean Demellweek is a digital innovation strategist covering emerging technologies and business model innovation. He is particularly focused on the application of blockchain technology in transforming business models. Demellweek is a member of FinTech London Tech Advocates and a mentor at technology community Level39. He works closely with innovation programs and start-up accelerators where he leads design thinking for innovation workshops. He has an MA in Applied Imagination in Creative Industries from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

Joshua Ellul

Department Of Computer Science, University Of Malta

Dr. Joshua Ellul joined the Department of Computer Science at the University of Malta as a lecturer after having worked on R&D projects at IBM Research Zurich and Imperial College London. His main areas of research focus on Blockchain and IoT integration and virtual machines in aim of enabling a 'Blockchain of Things' reality. Dr Ellul was instrumental in setting up the multi-disciplinary Blockchain Research Group at the University of Malta, and is also actively working on curriculum development for Blockchain related subjects.

Benjamin J Boyle


Benjamin is the COO of DAX Global, a company for everything Cryptocurrency investing. He also runs his own successful investing company focused on the financial markets on the side, Caipiteal. He has four business qualifications, a Bachelors in Commerce from UCD, a Professional Qualification in Financial Trading from DBS, another Professional Qualification in Investments and Capital Markets from DBS and a MBA from Trinity College Dublin. He is an influencer in the spaces of Blockchain, AI, Investing and Futurology.

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CEO (a person who is in charge of project business model)
CTO (Chief technical officer)